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    15 Awful Outfits From Teenage Movies That Should Be Shredded, Burned, And Shipped To Mars

    Why does nothing match????

    I think we can all agree that the teen movie genre is great in almost every way. There are plenty of romantic plotlines, unforgettable soundtracks, and cheesy drama to keep anyone entertained.

    If I'm being honest though, the fashion is usually sub-par. And to prove it, here are 15 of my least favorite outfits that came from some popular teen movies.

    1. Bella's first-day-of-school jersey in Twilight

    Bella wearing a button down baseball-type jersey over a long sleeve shirt

    2. Monique's fruity ensemble from High School Musical 2

    Monique wearing a rainbow striped short sleeve shirt under a white tank top, red pants, a strawberry necklace, red sunglasses, polka dot hoop earrings, and a red striped bracelet

    3. Benji's purple velvet blazer from Pitch Perfect

    Benji wearing a velvet blazer during a performance on stage

    4. Lara Jean's mixed aesthetic outfit from To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

    Lara Jean wearing a buttoned up shirt, flannel, skater skirt,, nylons, and slippers

    5. Warner's rich kid quarter zip in Legally Blonde

    Warner wearing a striped quarter zip on top of a button up shirt

    6. Tess's silk pants in Camp Rock

    Tess wearing a dress with a silk undershirt and wide leg silk pants

    7. Audrey's Limited Too nightmare from Radio Rebel

    Audrey wearing a skater skirt, varsity jacket, leopard belt, fedora, and pink hair extensions

    8. Lana's clown skirt from The Princess Diaries

    Lana wearing a low rise polka dot slip skirt and a sleeveless turtleneck top

    9. Sierra's Old Navy kids shirt from Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

    Sierra wearing a shirt with a puffy 3D poodle on it

    10. Kadee's 55-foot long shirt in Rags

    Kadee wearing a long tank top over a short pencil skirt with a cropped leather jacket on top

    11. Anna's disjointed emo look from Freaky Friday

    Lindsay Lohan wearing low waisted cargo pants, a studded belt, a long sleeve top and choker necklace

    12. Carter's oversized, monochrome disaster in A Cinderella Story

    Carter wearing a loose long polo, baggy shorts, and an artist cap all in the same color. He is also wearing chains

    13. Margo's shapeless eyelet top in Paper Towns

    Margo wearing a sleeveless eyelet button down shirt with a studded belt

    14. Bennett's grandma cardigan in Candy Jar

    Bennet wearing a buttoned polo shirt, white jeans, and a beige cardigan

    15. And finally, Carmen's Pepto Bismol jeans in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

    Carmen wearing bright pink jeans with the same color belt and a v-neck striped shirt