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Drake and @doraswildadventure's Drake cake.

Everyone Wants To Make A Drake Cake

Canadian rapper Drake has been made into memes and Valentine’s Day cards and realistic cartoon cookies, but this trend has produced some truly hilarious results.

Drake Apparently Unfollowed Taylor Swift After Sharing A Screenshot Of The Billboard Charts With “Anti-Hero” Erased From The Top Spot And People Really Aren’t Happy About It

Drake is being called out for belittling women’s success after covering “Anti-Hero” in his pic of the charts, with fans suggesting that Taylor would be “dragged for the rest of her life” if the roles were reversed.

Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, And Drake Broke Their Silence On The Astroworld Tragedy That Killed 8 People Hours After Travis Scott Was Flooded With Lawsuits For "Encouragement Of Violence" From Injured Fans

Drake spoke out after receiving criticism for leaving images of himself performing at the event live on Instagram even after news of the fatalities broke and being named in one of the lawsuits for “helping incite the crowd.”

Kanye West Said He Wants To End 12-Year Feud With Drake A Week After Calling Him Out For Stirring The Rumors Of His Affair With Kim Kardashian And Accusing Him Of DM'ing "Every Single Girl” In His Family

A week on from his viral Drink Champs podcast where he called Drake out for being “disrespectful,” Kanye now appears to be making a surprising U-turn, asking for a reconciliation between the two rappers.

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