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Drake Called Out His Dad For Getting A Huge Tattoo Of His Face On His Arm — 1) That Tattoo Is Huge, And 2) It's Pretty Funny

His dad's response is just as good.

This is Drake's dad, Dennis Graham.

Dennis gives the peace sign as he poses for a photo

He definitely has some flair.

He and Drake are very close.

Like, Drake dressed up as him for Halloween a few years ago.

And his dad is always posting words of encouragement on his IG.

They're very cute together!

SO, ANYWAY, a couple years ago, Drake's dad got a pretty huge tattoo of Drake's face...

Here's that tattoo:

Which, like...

That is...

Certainly something!

Drake totally called him out:

But his dad had this very cute response:

I love you and miss you

I mean, ya gotta love it!