Here Are Our 13 Favourite Times Canadians Made Headlines In 2021

    The North really delivered this year.

    We genuinely can't remember a time where we could look back on the year we've all had and not say the year was wild and "unprecedented". 2021 is obviously no exception — so many strange things have happened. One of the strangest? Canadian celebs made international news constantly.

    Without further ado, these are our favourite 2021 moments that happened to some of our favourite Canadian celebs:

    1. Drake... basically, in general.

    2. The Rock adds "rapper" to his already extensive resume.

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    Before you come for us with the "he's not even Canadian" comments, let it be known his dad is from Nova Scotia AND he has Canadian citizenship. So take THAT readers. 

    And we're happy to claim him— he is the world record holder for being the most multi-hyphenated man in Hollywood after all. 

    The ex CFL player- professional wrestler- business man- singer- actor added one more title to his LinkedIn in 2021 by releasing the TikTok ear worm "Face Off".

    Thank you Dwayne Johnson for proving once and for all that if you stay "hungry, devour, put in the work, and put in the hours"... we truly can take what's ours. 

    3. Simu Liu had a pretty big year: Shang-Chi, SNL, Sesame Street... and other ventures that begin with "S"!

    4. Justin Bieber collabed with Tim Hortons... forever changing the fabric of our country with the introduction of Timbiebs.

    5. Avril Lavigne finally goes and makes things uncomplicated by entering into our global consciousness once again.

    6. And Just Like That, Kim Cattrall skips out on Sex and the City... literally, just like that.

    7. Grimes confirms she's NOT a communist amidst her split from Elon Musk.

    8. Dan Levy at the Met Gala. That's it.

    9. After 2 years, Shawn Mendes calls it quits with the one previously known to be "giving Cher", Camila Cabello— thus ending Shamila as we know it.

    10. Elliot Page makes first red carpet appearance and steals our hearts at the Met Gala.

    11. Pottery King Seth Rogen sparks it up in front of Oprah.

    12. Let's just take a moment to appreciate all that was Keanu Reeves this year.

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    From the revival of The Matrix franchise with The Matrix Resurrections to finally giving us all an explanation to what was going on that led to the "Sad Keanu" memes — the existence of this man just makes everybody's week better. 

    However, let's be clear that the The Matrix films coming back is one of the biggest pop-culture moments of the year. 

    13. Lastly, Sandra Oh being named a "Person Of The Year" is HUGE!