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Drake Rejecting An IG Model, Billie Eilish Ignoring Shawn Mendes' Text, And 10 Other Times Celebs Rejected/Curved Other Celebs

Celebs...they're just like us?

1. Harry Jowsey hit up Hailee Steinfeld recently and got back a less-than-great response:

recreation of the DMs where Harry where Hailee says "No" after Harry sends a "hi"

2. And Harry said he's been left on 'Seen' by Saweetie:

a shirtless Harry saying, "Saweetie left me on 'seen'. Ive sent and unsent messages so many time to her. Saweetie, I'm in love with you."

3. Shawn Mendes — in a professional-not-flirty way — got shut down by Billie Eilish via text:

.@ShawnMendes reacts to @BillieEilish revealing she ignored his text message 🤣: "LOL wow.”

Twitter: @PopCrave

Background: Billie told First We Feast that she didn't answer Shawn's text. And since then Shawn told Seventeen Billie still hasn't texted him back.

4. Iggy Azalea did a TikTok compilation of all the guys shooting their shot in her DM. Fans were able to decode some of the senders based on followers/following ratio, like Steve Aoki (presumably):

WE GOT ONE SO FAR! Credits to @alenisadisaster I’ll add to the thread once we found more!

Twitter: @CaseForTheFBI

Background: Based on the following/follower ration — aka the only clue in the TikToks because Iggy hid their names — fans were able to decipher which celebs presumably sent which messages.

5. And they deciphered Brooklyn Beckham (presumably) as well:

AND ANOTHER ONE! Credits to @iHave3Testiclez Stay tuned for more!

Twitter: @CaseForTheFBI

(Read the full list here.)

6. James Charles tried to flirt with model Jay Alvarez, but it didn't work out too well for him:

James Charles shooting his shot and Jay telling him he's straight

7. And so did popular Instagrammer, Stephen Harrison. Stephen — who posts screenshots of people who hit on him all the time — said James hit him up:

the DMs showing the coversation

8. Bhad Bhabie shared a pic of Adrien Broner DMing her:

9. Slim Thug slid into Rihanna's DMS, and obviously, that didn't go over so well:

10. Drake shut down IG model Celina Powell:

Drake’s texts to Celina Powell are amazing 😂😂😂

@adam22/@champagnepapi / Via Instagram: @champagnepapi

Background: In the messages, we saw how Drake said he never gave her his number and that he wants "no parts," aka no involvement, with her.

11. Marcus Jordan — son of Michael Jordan — thought he was sending a DM to porn star Roxy Roxxx, but he was sending a tweet:

the tweet with Marcus telling Roxy Roxxx too bad she wasn't in chicago so they could get together

12. And lastly, Demi Lovato shot their shot with Schitts Creek star, Emily Hampshire, via DM, but the two wound up being just friends:

Emily Hampshire reveals on #4DwithDemi that Demi Lovato once slid into her DMs and wanted to take her on a date.

@demilovato / Via youtube.com

Background: The two discuss it in their interview — Demi reached out to Emily and said, "hey wanted to "kick it" and clarified that to mean "go on a date." They joked about their exchange. “I was like, ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ And I made a really good friend," Demi said. "You’re a dope friend, and I’m happy we became friends after that.”