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13 Alleged Messages And Screenshots From James Charles That Have Surfaced Since The Tati Scandal

So many screenshots. Let us explain.

This weekend, the YouTube community was rocked when Tati Westbrook dropped a video airing her grievances with beauty guru James Charles. In the video, she called him out for promoting one of her competitors and for behavior toward straight men that she said was inappropriate.

tati westbrook just grabbed the sexual predator and manipulator james charles by the neck and DRAGGED him and his career straight to the cemetery. we stan

Now by now, you're probably familiar with the drama and the people involved. BUT...there have been a lot of screenshots of James Charles DMing/texting people floating around social media. Here they are — explained and contextualized for you.

1. Jay Alvarez, model:

Instagram: @jayalvarrez

What Happened: The model revealed James slid into his DMs. He shared the screenshot on Instagram, captioning it, "People give this kid too much props. He got no game."

2. Stephen Harrison, popular Instagrammer:

What Happened: The popular Instagrammer shared that James allegedly slid into his DMs. Stephen — who posts screenshots of people who hit on him all the time — said "Not a lot of people know that I troll 99% of the time. Except for this instance. James, you are not getting this married man. Don't ever feel you should accept a compliment. Even it's by a dude with 16 million followers."

3. Sebastian Javier, musician:

so... last year i used to watch james charles quite a bit & i knew i was heading to LA so i thought i’d dm him & see if he wanted to hang. i didnt know a lot of people in LA, so i was just trying to make some friends;

i’m really not one to start drama, i just thought i would speak up about my experience with james charles. it’s not okay to force your sexuality on others & hopefully this will give people the message that it IS okay to speak up & talk about it. you are not alone.

What Happened: The musician shared his story with James with screenshots, saying, "So, last year i used to watch James Charles quite a bit & i knew i was heading to LA so i thought i’d dm him & see if he wanted to hang. i didn't know a lot of People in LA, so i was just trying to make some friends. We all turned out going to an escape room & that night i noticed him constantly trying to be touchy with me & overly compliment me but i just took it as him just being friendly. Then after the escape room, we (his friends, him, and I) went to his house to just hangout. As soon as we got to his house, he kept trying to just be alone with me & tried to get his friends out of the room.. as soon as they started to leave, he just went & hugged me really tight & started calling me names which made me really uncomfortable. I really just wanted to leave so i asked his friend if they could just take me back to my hotel.. that night he apologized about being overfly flirty & i was just trying to be nice & say that it was all okay.. I thought he had figured out i wasn’t interested. but after realizing i was honestly just trying to be friends with him, he kept calling me names like cutie every time we would talk & would send me messages like this... again.. i didn’t know what to say so I uncomfortably just kept saying it was alright. i’m really not one to start drama, I just thought I would speak up about my experience with James Charles. it’s not okay to force your sexuality on others and hopefully this will give people the message that it IS okay to speak up & talk about it. you are not alone."

4. Grayson Dolan, YouTuber:

Twitter: @bIindeye

A fan who had a group chat with Grayson shared a screenshot he sent them. It was between Grayson and James.

5. Sam, the waiter at the restaurant where he was with Tati:

Basically, this is the busser that James was interested in when he was at Tati's birthday dinner. After being encouraged by his sister to DM James, Sam reached out. According to Sam's video, they met up and made out. But, Sam is not gay and uninterested in James, so they had a falling out. Watch a full explainer here.

The texts are blurry so here's what they say:

Sam: Lol it's Sam the busser from John Howie

James: OMFG

Sam: Lmaooo

James: How are you hahaha. Sorry about last night, you're very very attractive lmao

Sam: It's all good, very flattering actually

James: Love that. Did not think you were 19. I am too

6. Their falling out led to hostile texts from James to Sam, where James insinuated that Sam was, in fact, gay:

James: When you're drunk, the truth always comes out. You're not straight, no matter how many times you tell yourself.

7. Grant Landis, YouTuber:

i would watch vlogs of james charles emma & the dolans. i saw james was in nashville so i thought itd be cool to meet him we never grabbed coffee & then a month later he sent weird messages then a couple days after that sent even weirder messages & made me extremely uncomfortable

8. Shane Kayser, makeup artist.

Twitter: @shane0411

What Happened: The makeup artist claimed James stole his look without credit.

9. Gage, a guy James hung out with at Coachella (There are like 30 screenshots — watch this video for them.):

View this video on YouTube

What Happened: Gage and James Charles talked for a few months, during the same time as Sam, the busser. James flew him out to Coachella, they hung out, and Gage told him he was straight and not interested. They had a falling out after. Watch the above video for a full explanation of the mess.

10. Kahlen Barry, influencer:

since everyone else is spilling their James Charles tea, i met him two years ago at playlist live and he was disgustingly rude to me not once but twice. i made a video talking about my experience without saying his name and he then proceeded to victimize himself in my dms.

What Happened: Kahlen used to defend him against other influencers, who "tried to use him," but when they met in person, Kahlen said James was extremely rude to him.

11. Nikita, a YouTuber who clarifying the Coachella situation:

Twitter: @NikitaDragun

What Happened: At the heart of the Tati drama was the fact that James endorsed Sugar Bear Vitamins, which was in direct competition with Tati's Halo Beauty. The one question: Was it pre-meditated? Nikita tweeted these screenshots of the situation. "Heard a situation needed some clarification 👀 my friend was in an emergency and texted me in the moment. Unfortunately, since @dragunbeauty used all of our marketing budget on the Fantasy, I connected him with Sugar Bear. Nothing shady," Nikita tweeted. Read BuzzFeed's full breakdown here.

12. Zara Larrson, singer:

Twitter: @zaralarsson,

What Happened: Zara Larrson claims James slid into her boyfriend's DMs.

13. Jeffree Star, makeup guru and YouTuber:

Twitter: @JeffreeStar

What Happened: Jeffree Star, who has collaborated with James, revealed that his boyfriend, Nathan, "banned" James from coming to their house. "He is a danger to society."

We will update this post if more screenshots/receipts emerge.