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    A Brief Explainer Of Tati Westbrook AKA The YouTuber Who Exposed James Charles

    You're going to be hearing her name a lot.

    Over the weekend, the beauty community was rocked when Tati Westbrook dropped her video "BYE SISTER..." It aired all of her grievances with beauty YouTuber James Charles.

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    To sum it up, Tati — who helped James' career when he was relatively unknown — felt betrayed James endorsed one of her competitors' products at Coachella.

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    For a full explainer of the feud, read here!

    Before the drama, Tati was a mentor to James. She reached out to James when he first started his YouTube channel and had him do her wedding makeup.

    In the "BYE SISTER..." video, which has now amassed more than 34 million views, she called him out for betraying her and for his predatory behavior toward straight men.

    tati westbrook just grabbed the sexual predator and manipulator james charles by the neck and DRAGGED him and his career straight to the cemetery. we stan

    The drama inspired multiple memes — with many people being like, "WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE AND WHAT IS HAPPENING?"

    me watching all 43 minutes and 8 seconds of that tati video without knowing a single thing about her, james charles, or any products/events she mentioned

    Well, here are some facts and background about Tati.

    1. Tati is 37 years old.

    2. She's an OG YouTuber, and many YouTubers — even those outside the beauty community — look up to her.

    3. Tati grew up in Seattle, where she worked as an image consultant. She then moved to Los Angeles and worked as a makeup artist.

    4. In 2010, Tati started her YouTube channel, GlamLifeGuru. She reviewed products, posted tutorials, and shared her personal recommendations.

    5. Tati was posting videos five days a week — YES, FIVE! — and soon gained a large following.

    6. Eventually, her videos were averaging 25 million views per month.

    7. Tati uses a now popularized review frame on YouTube — "Best and Worst." She's reviewed the best and worst concealers, foundations, palettes, etc.

    8. She said she rarely does sponsored posts because she wants to authentically review the products.

    9. Tati also founded Halo Beauty, her beauty company that aims to improve the health of hair, skin, and nails through supplements.

    10. It's estimated that she makes $1.3 million a year between YouTube and Halo Beauty.

    11. Tati has been married to James Westbrook since 2017.

    12. Earlier this year, Tati — who has opened up about infertility — shared that she wants to take a step back from YouTube to have a baby. "James and I are trying to have a baby, and we are actively pursuing fertility treatments and figuring out what's best for us," she said.

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    13. She has a Maltese named Puka, who's ADORABLE.

    14. She's friends with YouTuber Shane Dawson.

    Tati Snapchat

    15. And Jeffree Star, who shadily congratulated her after the "BYE SISTER..." video dropped.

    HUGE congratulations to the makeup queen @GlamLifeGuru on hitting 6 MILLION subscribers on YouTube today!!! 🔥💖 You are one of a kind.

    16. Tati is a Taylor Swift fan!

    17. And one last thing — her page now has over 9 million subcribers! WOW.

    18. Anything else you know about Tati? Share with us in the comments below!