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18 Reactions To The James Charles And Tati Westbrook Drama

This is BONKERS.

Last night, the beauty community was rocked when Tati Westbrook dropped her video, "BYE SISTER..." It aired all her grievances with beauty YouTuber, James Charles.

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For a full explainer on that, read up here.

James has since issued an apology video, but of course, the internet had a field day with the drama. Here are some of the reactions that came from the situation:


As YouTube makeup influencers feuded with each other, I couldn’t help but wonder: Had their relationship been built using a bad foundation?


Me after spending 45 mins of my day, avoiding my own responsibilities to watch the James Charles and Tati drama.


me getting ready to watch a 43 minute video by tati westbrook, whom I have never heard of, exposing james charles, whomst I only know about from memes of him not being able to sing and wearing assless leather pants


Tati snatching James Charles’ career back


me watching all 43 minutes and 8 seconds of that tati video without knowing a single thing about her, james charles, or any products/events she mentioned


Shane Dawson running to James Charles house to film a new documentary series


James Charles doesn’t feel so good after Tati Westbrook SNAPPED!!


Watching Tati Westbrook’s 40 minute video exposing James Charles


Did I ever care or give 2 fucks about James Charles? No. Did I watch the 43 minute long video of him being exposed? Absolutely!


Me: I could care less about James Charles Tati: BYE SISTER Me:


James Charles making an 8-minute apology video to Tati’s 43-minute masterpiece and only addressing the sugar bear hair issue is like arguing w a boy and him responding to one point in your 3 paragraph text message


Them: you can’t dance to James Charles apology video Me, an intellectual:


Me when Tati told Jame’s mom to stop being on Instagram and take care of her kids


me explaining the Tati and James Charles drama to my dad


James Charles: *pretends to cry* Tati Westbrook:



how i'm gonna look using my james charles palette now


james charles on snapchat after all his friends leave him for tati