People Reallllly Didn't Like Drake's New Album "Honestly, Nevermind" And Now He's Responded To The Hate

    "My goodness!"

    This week, Drake surprise-dropped his seventh album Honestly, Nevermind.

    The album marked a big departure from Drake's normal sound — for starters, the new LP is house music; whereas, Drake's other records are rap with R&B elements.

    Music critics had mixed responses. For example, Variety wrote, "As a standalone Drake album, it’s deeply refreshing, and a dose of vibrant pop likely to reverberate through the remainder of the summer."

    Drake onstage accepting an award.

    However, another outlet, Consequence of Sound, wrote, "Honestly, Nevermind isn’t a bad album, but it is disappointing."

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    When the album dropped on Twitter, fans echoed the same — if not worse — criticism of the album.

    played the first song of this drake album and said Honestly, Nevermind

    Twitter: @dwif____

    Me, (A massive Drizzy fan) 6 songs into “Honestly, Nevermind”:

    Twitter: @mem10ken / Via Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

    Honestly Nevermind is quite frankly what drake should have done before he decided to release whatever the fuck this album is.

    Twitter: @Kanto_Games / Via Nickelodeon

    Instead of Drake naming the album “Honestly Nevermind” he should’ve thought that and just left the studio

    Twitter: @Gtooowavyy

    Well, during his album release party, Drake addressed the criticism. "It’s all good if you don’t get it yet," he said in a @itsrikip_'s reel, as the new track "Calling My Name" played.

    Drake backstage with his hands up.

    "That’s what we do! We wait for you to catch up," he added. "We in here, though, we caught up already.

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    "On to the next. My goodness!"

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    I mean, he has a point. There have been countless times I know I've listened to an album and initially hated it, but then eventually grew to love it. So, here's hoping that happens for y'all! Bye!