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Best of the Week
Best of the Week

Best of the Week

The funniest, most heart-warming, and best things that happened this week.


Let's See If You Can Pass This Week's Pop Culture Quiz

Albums, birthdays, college, and more!

18 Of The Most Informative, Earnest, And Hilarious Comments On BuzzFeed From August

"Anna Faris is too good for Crisp Rat. There, I said it."

22 Jokes Women Tweeted This Week That Are Just Too Good

"'No worries if not!' I type, with full knowledge that, if not, I will worry."

14 Really Good And Wholesome And Cute Things That Happened This Week

Now I want to exclusively pet cats using a Mini Hand.

19 Funny AF Tweets From This Week

"This weather went from 90 to 65 like it saw a state trooper."

19 Pop Culture Moments The Internet Couldn't Stop Talking About This Week

Awkward VMA moments, some perfect Serena Williams shade, and more.

School Is Back In Session, So Here Are 15 Of The Best Teacher Tweets From This Week

"Reach out to your kinder teacher friends, we are not OK."

19 Great Tumblr Posts I Saw This Month That Made Me Actually Chuckle

"Mom, I already have a job, it's called being hardcore."

15 Posts From The Internet This Week That Are Pretty Darn Funny

You've heard of VSCO girls — now get ready for VSCO Dad™.

15 TV Moments From This Week That We Can't Stop Talking About

13 Reasons Why Season 3 started streaming on Netflix.

15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Lots of VMAs content and one adorable puppy!

16 Celebrity #TBT Photos You Might Not Have Seen This Week

A 10-year-old Alyson Stoner dancing on Ellen kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

21 Jokes Women Tweeted This Week That Are Actually Hilarious

"Your salary is just your company's monthly subscription of you."

16 Really, Really, Really Good Things That Happened This Week

Have you ever seen a porcupine hit the Milly Rock? Do you wanna?

18 Hysterical Tweets From This Week

"How much coke do u think the Chuck E. Cheese house band was doing in the 90s?"

14 Funny Posts From This Week That Are Truly A Delight

I will never get over the "Mr. Sandman" cat TikTok.

15 Cat Posts From This Week That Are Very Cute And Super Sweet

♫ "Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream." ♫