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    I'm Still Yelling About These 20 TV Moments From This Week, So We Should Talk About Them Now

    I'm officially naming Mare of Easttown one of the best shows of the year.

    🚨Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. First, on the Mare of Easttown series finale, John was sent to jail for Erin's murder, but then we shockingly learned that Ryan was actually the one who killed her.

    Ryan saying, "She knows. She knows" as Mare walking into the house

    2. And on Mare of Easttown, Kate Winslet delivered an Emmy Award–worthy performance in the finale, especially when Mare and Lori reconnected after Lori refused to talk to her.

    Mare holding Lori and saying, "I'm here. I'm here"

    3. Lucifer Season 5B started streaming on Netflix this week. The new episodes featured so many massive moments, but nothing was as heartbreaking as Dan's shocking death.

    Trixie telling Lucifer, "Please tell me it's not true, Lucifer. I know you'll tell me 'cause you never lie"

    4. And on Lucifer, the season ended with Lucifer and Michael fighting for the position of God, and Lucifer saving Chloe after she ended up in heaven.

    Chloe dying and telling Lucifer it's not his fault, then Lucifer telling Chloe in heaven, "I choose you, Chloe. i choose you because...I love you"

    5. On the penultimate episode of Pose, after a conversation with her own father, Angel decided she was ready to stand beside Papi and help him raise his son.

    Angel telling her dad that she was looking for his love, but realized Papi has loved her unconditionally

    6. And on Pose, Angel and Papi finally got married in a beautiful ceremony, which included Papi performing "I Swear."

    Papi walking down the aisle to Angel and then the two of them kissing

    7. On the Grey's Anatomy season finale, Maggie and Winston got married, Owen proposed to Teddy, and Amelia heartbreakingly turned down Link's proposal.

    Maggie and Winston kissing, Owen on one knee in the snow, and Link and Amelia on the beach

    8. On the Station 19 season finale, Maya and Carina adorably got married, and I can't stop smiling over it.

    Maya saying she forgot to write her vows, and Carina laughing and saying it's perfect. Then, Maya saying, "I love you. And I choose you. Forever"

    9. And on Station 19, the episode ended with Maya being relieved of her captain duties after Sullivan said he could get the firehouse in order if he was captain.

    Sullivan telling everyone, "Captain Bishop has been relieved of her duties"

    10. Superman & Lois featured an amazing performance by Bitsie Tulloch when Lois opened up about having a miscarriage when the twins were younger.

    Lois saying, "I can lose another child because of me" in therapy after talking about why she yelled at Jonathan

    11. On Cruel Summer, without even knowing it, Mallory had a videotape which featured Kate in the window of Mr. Harris's house just days after she went missing.

    Kate standing in the window as Mr. Harris walks by

    12. On the Law & Order: SVU season finale, Rollins adorably kissed Carisi after he read the speech he'd originally prepared for Phoebe and Fin's wedding.

    Carisi saying, "A partnership is a lot like marriage. You fight and you make up, but at the end of the day, you always have each other's backs, and if you had to you'd take a bullet for each other"

    13. On the Law & Order: Organized Crime season finale, the episode ended on a shocking cliffhanger when Stabler, Benson, and Bell found Angela gasping for air after she was injected with a poison.

    Angela saying, "Help me" while Benson checks her, and Stabler running into the hospital hall and saying, "I need help"

    14. We Are Lady Parts started streaming on Peacock this week. The show follows Amina Hussain, a geeky PhD student who is suddenly recruited to be the lead guitarist of the band Lady Parts after Saira, the band's frontwoman, sees something special in her.

    The cast of "We Are Lady Parts"

    15. On the Nancy Drew season finale, after Nancy managed to get rid of the wraith — which included Nancy confronting her past — Temperance Hudson revealed herself and was able to enter Horseshoe Bay.

    Temperance bathing in blood and using some on her hands, while Nancy reads a letter

    16. On The Handmaid's Tale, June gave her testimony in court and faced Commander Waterford. Meanwhile, we learned that Janine is heartbreakingly back in Gilead.

    Janine saying, "I know what happens here. I know it will keep happening until I die. Just don't make me a Handmaid again, please"

    17. On The Bold Type, Richard sent Dev to tell Sutton that he wants a divorce, and I'm sorry, but I'm in denial over this.

    Dev telling Sutton that Richard is "broken" and that's why he didn't come himself

    18. On The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers season finale, the Don't Bothers beat the Mighty Ducks, so the Don't Bothers have now officially taken the Mighty Ducks' name.

    Evan shouting, "Flying V!"

    19. On the penultimate episode of Younger, Liza and Charles officially got back together after Charles realized he couldn't live without her.

    Charles telling Liza, "I have been a fool, and I am sorry that it took me so long to realize that. Forget marriage. I just wanna be with you any way that you want"

    20. And finally, Why Women Kill Season 2 started streaming on Paramount+. This season explores what it means to be beautiful and the hidden truths that often lie behind the facades people present to the world.

    Lana Parrilla in Why Women Kill Season 2

    We can't fit everything into one post, so what were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!

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