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    13 People Who Failed This Week

    Not the doctor's office...

    1. This accident:

    Y’all … an oak tree fell on my house like an hour ago and I just been sitting in my room ignoring it this whole time lmao

    Twitter: @Sovereign_Veil

    2. This backhanded compliment:

    so I’m surrounded by loads of 18 year olds at work, yday they were shocked to find out that I am 23 and one lass said ‘I hope I look that good when I’m 23’- I’m 23???? Not 53???? Am I supposed to have wrinkles???

    Twitter: @EllieSarahxx

    3. This doctor's office lazy thievery:

    My doctors office really just screenshotted an insta ass pic, didn’t remove the tag button, blew it up, and hung it on the wall…

    Twitter: @the_sam_russell

    4. This store name:

    Twitter: @internetkendra

    5. This father's fail:

    Twitter: @pbrian0206

    6. This turn of events:

    just saw my gym crush at the gym without his mask for the first time! he is no longer my gym crush!

    Twitter: @stuartfiddle

    7. This bizarre description:

    Twitter: @lilyalwaysdoes

    8. This cop fail:

    Twitter: @organe4747

    9. This exchange:

    Twitter: @fayemikah

    10. This FIFA fail:

    11. This threat:

    Twitter: @getmepradashoes

    12. This intern's mistake:

    We mistakenly sent out an empty test email to a portion of our HBO Max mailing list this evening. We apologize for the inconvenience, and as the jokes pile in, yes, it was the intern. No, really. And we’re helping them through it. ❤️

    Twitter: @HBOMaxHelp

    The email, BTW:

    13. And lastly, this comfort fail:

    i needa learn there’s a time and place for everything🤦🏽‍♀️

    Twitter: @kaykookiedough

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