15 Celebrity #TBT Photos That You Really Don't Want To Miss This Week

    Justin Bieber with his little sister in the early '10s kicks off this week's #TBT.

    1. Justin Bieber shared this way too adorable photo of himself and his little sister, Jazzy, in the early '10s:

    2. Paris Hilton celebrated National Ice Cream Day by posting this clip of this iconic moment from The Simple Life:

    3. Michelle Visage shared this photo of herself and Anna Nicole Smith in 1998, when Anna Nicole was a guest on The RuPaul Show:

    4. Nicole Kidman celebrated the 22nd anniversary of Eyes Wide Shut — which was also the legendary director Stanley Kubrick's final film — by sharing this classic smile moment from it:

    5. Cindy Crawford was in an Olympics mood and posted these pics of herself taken for a "Going for Gold"–themed photo shoot for British Vogue in 1987:

    6. Kelly Rowland celebrated the 10th anniversary of her boptastic album Here I Am:

    #TBT to the release of #HereIAm, 10 years ago today! What's been your go-to track from the album?

    Twitter: @KELLYROWLAND

    7. Martha Stewart remembered when she guest-starred on Law & Order: SVU in 2012:

    8. While Keith Richards remembered when he and the Rolling Stones appeared on the short-lived ABC TV show The Music Scene in 1969:

    9. Elizabeth Banks shared this photo of herself in the late '90s:

    10. In honor of her mother Bebe Buell's 68th birthday, Liv Tyler posted this sweet photo of the two of them in the pool in the late '70s:

    11. Mark Ruffalo celebrated Benedict Cumberbatch's 45th birthday by sharing this photo he took of him in 2018, during the Marvel Class Photo photo shoot:

    12. Sofía Vergara posted this video of herself in the '90s performing at Carnaval Miami:

    13. Nick Jonas celebrated his and Priyanka Chopra's third-year anniversary of their engagement by sharing this photo from when they got engaged:

    14. Mike D remembered the late Biz Markie (who died last week at age 57) by sharing this photo of Biz visiting the Beastie Boys in the studio:

    15. And lastly, Will Smith also paid tribute to his longtime friend Biz Markie by sharing this photo of the two of them, as well as a clip of him playing the Beatbox Alien in Men in Black II: