21 Of The Best TV Moments And Performances From This Week

    "The depth of grief that you felt with all the losses, it's because of the depth of love."

    🚨Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. First, on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sam and Bucky went to couples therapy and it was iconic, but also Bucky delivered this heartbreaking line I've been thinking about for a week.

    Bucky telling Sam, "So maybe he was wrong about you. And if he was wrong about you, then he was wrong about me"

    2. And on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Bucky introduced Sam to Isaiah Bradley, another super soldier.

    3. On Law & Order: SVU, Benson and Stabler reunited (and spoke) for the first time in 10 years when Stabler returned to NYC.

    Benson telling Stabler that he was the "single most important person" in her life and when he left it hurt

    4. Law & Order: Organized Crime premiered this week, and it picked up with Stabler investigating the sudden death of his wife, Kathy, after she was involved in a bombing.

    5. On Grey's Anatomy, Lexie and Mark reunited with Meredith on the beach and helped her realize she needed to leave and go back to her family.

    Lexie telling Meredith that she felt their losses to deeply because she loved them and that they never left her

    6. And on Grey's Anatomy, Winston adorably proposed to Maggie because he didn't want to spend another minute away from her.

    Winston telling Maggie he "can't imagine" his life without her and the two of them kissing

    7. On Wynonna Earp, Jolene shockingly returned, and her latest encounter with Waverly ended with Waverly embracing her darkness, and I'm low-key still screaming about it.

    Jolene threatening Waverly with a knife and Wynonna looking shocked while seeing Waverly with black angel wings

    8. The first three episodes of Invincible started streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The show follows Mark, who is seemingly like every other guy, except that his dad is a superhero. Soon, Mark develops powers of his own but realizes living up to his dad's legacy won't be as great as he thought.

    9. Supergirl finally returned with Season 6 as Team Supergirl teamed up to try and take down Lex Luthor once and for all.

    Kara telling Lena, "You wanna help people. Whatever else has happened, I know what is in your heart"

    10. And on Supergirl, the episode ended with Kara shockingly ending up in the phantom zone, and the team has no way of finding out where exactly she went.

    Alex screaming, "Kara! No!" after Lex blasts her and she disappears

    11. On Good Girls, Rio seemingly shot Fitz after he caught up with him, and while I'm not 100% certain Fitz is actually dead, this made for a heck of a moment.

    Rio saying, "Later, Dave" and Fitz looking confused and saying, "Dave?"

    12. On Station 19, Travis and Vic continued to work out their differences over Theo, and it led to this heartbreaking and authentic argument.

    Vic telling Travis that he is "frozen in time" and he needs to learn to move past Michael's death

    13. On Batwoman, we met Sophie's sister Jordan after she crossed paths with Batwoman, and Sophie and Jordan shared this moment that I haven't stopped thinking about.

    Jordan telling Sophie she knows that she's gay, and she's supportive

    14. On Nancy Drew, Nancy hilariously ended up under a love trance thanks to a haunted wedding gown, and it led to some of the funniest moments in the history of the show.

    Nancy hilariously telling Ace, "Who's Annette? I'll kill her" after he says, "It's a net"

    15. The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers started streaming on Disney+. The series follows an underdog group of friends who decide to start their own hockey league to compete with the Ducks, who have become extremely competitive.

    Alex telling Evan to find some players for a team and "let's just get out there and have fun"

    16. On Chicago P.D., Ruzek dealt with learning that his father had been taking money from a drug dealer for years, and it led to a Burgess and Ruzek fight after Burgess implied he killed someone to clear his family's name.

    Ruzek telling Kim he would never accuse her of killing someone to save her family, and saying, "Because I know your heart. In that moment, I'd have thought you'd know my heart"

    17. On Riverdale, Chic and Charles escaped prison, Alice married them in the Coopers' living room, and the whole family reunion ended with Alice shooting Charles and Betty stabbing Chic. I know this sounds like something I just made up, but here we are.

    Chic saying, "Hi, Betty. Did you miss me?"

    18. On Shameless, all of the Gallaghers dealt with the prospect of selling their beloved family home. Meanwhile, Kevin and V made the massive decision to leave Chicago and move to Louisville.

    Mickey saying they can't move to an apartment because it's on the West Side and they don't know the "escape routes" and Ian saying they should "stop doing shady shit and grow some tomatoes"

    19. On Good Trouble, everyone at the Coterie came together for Malika's new moon ceremony, and it led to some hilarious moments when two raccoons got loose, plus Raj and Marianna finally talked about the end of their relationship.

    Callie and Gael hilariously wearing multiple layers of coats and Marianna and Raj talking in the bathroom

    20. On Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, Zoey's friends accompanied her to watch the stars after she revealed she shared a moment like that with her dad, and it was just so wholesome.

    Zoey saying that the meteor shower meant a lot to her and her dad, and how she's "tired of being a burden" to her friends

    21. And finally, The Irregulars started streaming on Netflix this week. Set in Victorian-era London, the show follows a group of teens who are manipulated into solving crimes for Dr. Watson and his elusive partner, Sherlock Holmes.

    The cast of "The Irregulars"

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