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    I'm Still Screaming About These 20 TV Moments From This Week, So We Should Talk About Them Now

    If you take anything away from this post, it's that you need to watch Hacks.

    🚨Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead! And #16 mentions sexual assault.🚨

    1. First, Loki premiered on Disney+ this week. The series picked up with 2012 Loki being transported to the Time Variance Authority after picking up the Tesseract during Avengers: Endgame.

    Loki crying while watching a video of Odin saying, "I love you, my sons"

    2. And on Loki, not only did we find out that the TVA uses Infinity Stones AS PAPER WEIGHTS, but Mobius informed Loki that they are hunting down another Loki Variant and they need his help.

    Mobius telling Loki that he needs his help and, "The Variant we're hunting is you"

    3. On the Pose series finale, Pray Tell heartbreakingly lost his fight with AIDS, and some of his ashes were put into lockets by Blanca for all of their friends to wear.

    Pray hugging Blanca and saying, "So happy for you. Ain't no mountain high enough"

    4. And on Pose, the show ended by jumping ahead to 1998 and we saw Blanca as a nurse, thriving with her friends, and she's still a house mother with a whole new group of LGBTQ teens representing House of Evangelista.

    Blanca saying she believes in "happy moments" and the House of Evangelista being introduced at a ball

    5. On the Hacks season finale, Deborah showed up at Ava's dad's funeral and I cried, and also Deborah told Ava she wants to take her new show on the road.

    Deborah saying she didn't know Ava's dad but, "I know that he had to be a very special person to raise someone like her"

    6. On Superman & Lois, after Morgan Edge sent some superpowered humans to kill Lois, Superman had a little chat with him, and Edge called him "brother."

    Edge saying, "I think it's time you learned the truth about who I am...and where I am really"

    7. Feel Good returned with a brilliant final season on Netflix. The new season focused on Mae dealing with their PTSD, as well as Mae and George growing, not only individually but together too.

    Mae asking George if she thought their relationship was "toxic" but it did "feel good"

    8. The Flash bid farewell to Cisco after he decided to move to Star City for a new job. The goodbye episode featured Cisco and Barry singing "Poker Face," a brilliant callback to the pilot.

    Barry telling Cisco, "I didn't even put this as my favorite song on my Facebook. I don't even know who did that"

    9. Sweet Tooth started streaming on Netflix this week. This wholesome fantasy series follows Gus, a half-animal hybrid, who is navigating a world where the human population is going extinct and the blame is being placed on children like him.

    Big Man telling Gus that they'll find a place in the forest to live together

    10. On Cruel Summer, we learned that Kate lived with Mr. Harris, without being locked in the basement, for several months.

    Mr. Harris telling Kate he knows she snuck out and Kate, in voiceover, saying, "Christmas was the first time I was truly afraid of him"

    11. And on Cruel Summer, Jeanette stole the snow globe from Mr. Harris's house and almost saw Kate living at the house.

    Kate hiding at the top of the stairs and Jeanette playing with a snow globe

    12. On Batwoman, Luke thankfully survived after he was shot by the Crows, and after he was given a dose of the Desert Rose.

    Mary saying, "It's me and you in the Batcave, Luke. We need you"

    13. On The Bold Type, Kat reunited with Adena — and met her mom — after Adena agreed to help Kat take photos of her friend who was recently incarcerated and struggling to find a job.

    Adena saying, "I understand that we cannot risk everything for every cause, but...if I have the privilege of safety, I wanna use it to make the world a better place"

    14. On The Handmaid's Tale, June met with Nick and he revealed that he's been gathering information on Hannah before sharing a sweet moment with Nichole.

    Nick telling June they should've run away together, and then Nick giving Nichole a doll and saying, "My beautiful girl"

    15. On the Younger series finale, Charles and Liza realized that they couldn't make their relationship work, and the show ended with Liza and Josh seemingly rekindling their romance.

    Liza telling Charles that they aren't going to make it vs. Josh telling Liza, "Because you know what? I've been right here, by your side, all along"

    16. On the A Million Little Things season finale, Sophie publicly named Peter as the man who sexually assaulted her, and then we watched as Gary put a bag over Peter's head and dragged him inside his house.

    Sophie saying, "I'd want to say that I know you tried to take something away from me, but you didn't. And I think everyone should know your name. It's Peter Benoit"

    17. On High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Nini made the decision to leave Y.A.C and return to East High — honestly, thank god.

    Nini telling Ms. Jenn that she left school because of her and everyone at East High, and "this is my home"

    18. On The Good Doctor season finale, Claire decided to leave for a new job in Guatemala, while Lea proposed to Shaun.

    Lea saying, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" and Shawn responding, "Of course. I love you"

    19. On Legacies, Josie and Hope went and rescued Lizzie from a magic cult, which of course had to do with the Triad, and I just loved seeing these three together again.

    Lizzie wearing all white and Hope and Josie looking skeptically behind her

    20. Lisey's Story started streaming on AppleTV+. Based on Stephen King's novel, the show follows Lisey Landon after the death of her husband, famous writer Scott Landon. Soon, a series of unsettling events causes Lisey to confront tough moments from her marriage that she has tried to forget.

    Julianne Moore in Lisey's Story

    We can't fit everything into one post, so what were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!