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    15 Celebrities Who Gave Us Something To Talk About On Twitter This Week

    "Would I EVER walk into this lighting for no reason?"

    1. Lil Nas X was thinking about his soulmate:

    my soulmate probably somewhere robbing a bank right now. u go baby! get that money. love you

    2. Mariah Carey got her second vaccine shot:

    Vaccine..PART 2! Would I EVER walk into this lighting for no reason??? 🙄

    Twitter: @MariahCarey

    3. And so did Leslie Jones:

    Got my second shot y’all I will be reporting to y’all how I feel. I’m good now but I’m nervous for later!!

    Twitter: @Lesdoggg

    4. Kesha and Olivia Rodrigo had a sweet exchange:

    your voice is so beautiful thank you so much @Olivia_Rodrigo

    Twitter: @KeshaRose

    5. Damson Idris was just like...😍😍😍😍😍😍😍:

    Aww babes next time I call you can stay in bed. You’re already beautiful.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris

    6. Emily Osment shared a sweet then vs. now of her and Phill Lewis (aka Mr. Moseby!):

    the great @ThePhillLewis directing our show this week! thank god i am not 15 anymore!

    Twitter: @EmilyOsment

    7. Chrissy Teigen weighed in on the celeb Raya drama from this week:

    I agree celebs shouldn’t be making these creepy desperate video replies on raya but it’s tacky to release private messages. Ya both wrong, congrats

    Twitter: @chrissyteigen

    8. Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock announced she's expecting her first child with fiancé Andre Gray:

    We've dreamed about this moment for so long and we can't believe the dream is finally coming true... we can't wait to meet you. ❤️😍

    9. Dan Levy enjoyed watching Mare of Easttown...and 100% same:

    Mare of Easttown is so good. That’s all. Have a great night.

    Twitter: @danjlevy

    10. Mindy Kaling shared her favorite name in Hollywood:

    Who has the best name in hollywood? My guess is Sterling K. Brown

    Twitter: @mindykaling

    11. And Mindy also celebrated Billie Eilish's British Vogue cover:

    Billie Eilish looks so hot but also Cillian Murphy is Billie Eilish’s dad!

    Twitter: @mindykaling

    12. Meanwhile, Finneas shared his opinion on Cillian Murphy:

    Beauty is subjective but in my OPINION- Cillian Murphy

    Twitter: @finneas

    13. Reese Witherspoon delighted in Doug The Pug's "Elle Woofs" impression:

    Nailing that montage, Doug!

    Twitter: @ReeseW

    14. Jimmy Fallon shared a Five Guys secret and Gigi Hadid replied:

    Twitter: @GiGiHadid

    15. And Hannah Simone shared the exciting news of a New Girl reunion:

    Twitter: @HannahSimone