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15 Good Things From This Week That I, Personally, Would Like You To See

*astral projects onto the catio*

Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

1. This week, this catio was finished and met with rave reviews!!!!!!!!

The catio is complete and it’s a hit

Twitter: @aquinton

2. Pancho here proposed a counteroffer (very politely, of course 😌):

This is Pancho. He sees you have offered him one (1) bone. Politely proposes a counteroffer of seventeen (17) bones. He awaits your decision. 13/10

Twitter: @dog_rates

3. This cookie got baked into its full potential:

Twitter: @rf_nicholas

4. This woman invented *THE* greatest invention of all the inventions!!!!!!

I built a chair for needy pets that always want to sit next to you.

Twitter: @SimoneGiertz

5. These photos posed the question: A regular-sized cat in a small living room, or a HUGE cat in a regular-sized living room?!

Please come look at this tiny cat living room.

Twitter: @indigogloves

6. At long last, this elusive neighborhood owl was spotted!!!!!!!

I’ve heard this owl for years and tonight is the first time I’ve seen it. from aww

7. This lil' PURRpetrator was busted!!!!!!!!!!!

Twitter: @urfriendimane

8. Sisu here and his purple unicorn were reunited!!!!!!!!!! 💖😭💖😭💖

This is Sisu, a stray dog who broke into a Dollar General 5 times to steal this purple unicorn. When Animal Control got there the officer bought it for him. from aww

9. This lil' bean weighed in at a whopping "SMOL":

Twitter: @ShouldHaveCat

10. Just.......✨L E G S✨!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


♬ original sound - zoë managh

11. This sweetums enjoyed a simple yet perfect moment 😌:

Just a pup and his narwhal watching the sunrise.. from rarepuppers

12. This kitter's dark secret was revealed by the light of day!!!!!!

When your cat is secretly a 5th dimensional elder god.

Twitter: @hoplitnet

13. This sweetie encountered a BUBBLE:


i couldnt have planned a better landing #YasClean #FindYourCore #fyp #myheart

♬ the swan by saint saens - ⋆ . ₊ ⋆

14. This morepork(??????!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!!) went from itchy to BITCHY!!!!!!! 💅💖

This little morepork (New Zealand Owl) had an itchy skin condition so needed a special medicated bath. He’s now back to his normal fluffy self, and hopes we’ll all forget this embarrassing experience. from aww

15. And lastly, I think it's safe to say these guys cut to commercial:

A dog in Russia grabbed the reporter's microphone and ran away during a live broadcast

Twitter: @Ozkok_A