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    17 Animal Tweets From This Week That I Just Really Think We Should All Take A Sec To Look At

    Tag yourself, I'm the wild boar taking a nap after eating garbage.

    1. This week, this PURRpetrator was found guilty of committing third-degree PIE FEETSIES!!!!!!!!

    Twitter: @urfriendimane


    the government does not want you to see this image

    Twitter: @itscoffeesenpai

    3. This boar enjoyed a lovely post-garbage snack nap-ipoo 😌💖:

    a wild boar in Haifa taking a nap after eating all the garbage

    Twitter: @David_Rudnick

    4. This cat deity was exposed by the light of day!!!!!!!!!!

    When your cat is secretly a 5th dimensional elder god.

    Twitter: @hoplitnet

    5. I see your "Tony Hawk," and raise you one "Tiny Hawk":

    Googled Tony Hawk to see what everyone was talking about but accidentally typed Tiny Hawk...

    Twitter: @Bob_Janke

    6. This human asked their dog to pick them up SEVERAL(!!!!!) BLOCKS AWAY:

    Why this dog embarrassing his human like that 😭😭😭

    Twitter: @IAmBumblebee

    7. This kitters reaped the benefits of this lavish elvish setup:

    applying for j*bs so I can buy this for my fluffy baby

    Twitter: @jastroworld

    8. This schnauz was called by a higher power:

    Thinking about the abandoned dog that got adopted by monks in Bolivia 🥺

    Twitter: @aodanmh

    9. Outside vs. ✨inside✨:

    Twitter: @ShouldHaveCat

    10. We were let into this intimate moment of interspecies tenderness:

    If you’ve already seen a parrot petting a puppy today — and saying “I love you.” just keep on scrolling...

    Twitter: @RexChapman

    11. This lil' snorter played it oh so Cool™:

    Me Ignoring the car next to me after almost crashing in to it.

    Twitter: @Valentin0DT

    12. True peace and comfort was, alas, captured on camera 😌:

    Twitter: @astrospic

    13. They were vegan:

    Twitter: @tyomateee2

    14. This old floof took matters into their own, ahem — paws:

    Twitter: @lowkeyalbert

    15. This fish said, "F*ck it, give me that Louis!!!"

    Twitter: @BirdExecutive

    16. Carlito here took a chilly dip in some light spring rain!!!!!!!

    This is Carlito. He misread today’s forecast. Going to wait just a little longer to see if the sun comes out. 14/10

    Twitter: @dog_rates

    17. And lastly, this dog flexed, and I think I speak for all of us when I say we universally agreed he was our alpha:

    the dog from the k-9 unit who tracked down nba youngboy

    Twitter: @leenylean

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