I'm Still Yelling About These 25 TV Moments From This Week, So We Should Talk About Them Now

    Honestly, I'll never be over Mare of Easttown Episode 5.

    🚨Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. First, on Grey's Anatomy, Jackson said goodbye to Grey Sloan and Meredith after deciding last week that he'd go run the Catherine Fox Foundation in Boston.

    2. On Mare of Easttown, in an absolutely shocking moment, Colin was shot and killed by Wayne Potts, aka the man who kidnapped Katie Bailey and Missy.

    Mare saying, "Zabel" before Wayne pulls out his gun and shoots Zabel

    3. And on Mare of Easttown, Mare managed to make it out of the entire ordeal alive after she maneuvered around the house and grabbed Colin's gun.

    Mare leaning against a door and looking at Colin's body

    4. The Underground Railroad started streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Based on the Colson Whitehead book of the same name, the show follows Cora, who escapes a Georgia plantation in search of the Underground Railroad, only to discover it's an actual railroad.

    5. On Station 19, Carina adorably proposed to Maya after they both realized they couldn't live without each other.

    Carina telling Maya she wants to be in this "beautiful mess of a changing world" with her

    6. On 9-1-1: Lone Star, Tommy's husband Charles heartbreakingly died, and Tommy was left to pick up the pieces and try to move on.

    Tommy explaining to a paramedic on the phone that her husband can't be saved and she knows because she's a paramedic

    7. On 9-1-1, in the final minutes of the episode, Eddie was shockingly shot by a sniper right in front of Buck.

    Buck looking at Eddie with blood all over his face, and then Eddie falling to the ground

    8. On Pose, Vernon, Pray Tell's high school boyfriend, came back into his life, and Pray Tell revealed he was dying, but Vernon wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

    Vernon telling Pray that he's the love of his life and, "Don't you want our story to have a different ending?"

    9. On The Nevers Part 1 finale, we finally learned Amalia's backstory, which consisted of Amalia, aka Molly, actually being inhabited by Zephyr, a woman from the future whose soul traveled to 1890s London.

    Amalia saying, "It's a lot to take in"

    10. On Law and Order: Organized Crime, Stabler dealt with the fallout after learning that Angela was involved in the death of Kathy, and Angela thought Stabler was involved in the death of her son.

    Angela saying that she wanted Stabler to suffer like she was suffering after her son's death

    11. On The Handmaid's Tale, Moira convinced June to stowaway on a ship and come to Canada with her, even though it meant leaving Hannah (and Janine) behind in Gilead.

    June telling Moira that Hannah didn't recognize her and that she tried to save her

    12. And on The Handmaid's Tale, June and Luke finally reunited after years apart, and this moment where June apologized for leaving Hannah broke me.

    June apologizing to Luke saying, "I'm sorry it's just me"

    13. On the Prodigal Son series finale, Malcolm stabbed Martin after he realized his dad was going to murder him so he could escape police custody.

    Martin saying, "I was a good father, but you...you were never a good son" and Malcolm saying, "You're gonna kill me"

    14. On Batwoman, Luke was shot by The Crows after Eli, a guy who was in jail for carjacking, blamed Luke for trying to steal a car, and Luke pulled out his cellphone.

    Luke explaining that Eli is a known carjacker, and then The Crow shooting Luke when he takes out his cellphone

    15. On the Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 finale, Max decided not to move to NYC, and in the final moments, he discovered that he can now hear heart songs like Zoey.

    Zoey saying she wants to make things work with Max and then she starts singing. Then, Max tells Zoey he heard her sing

    16. Who Killed Sara? returned with Season 2 this week. The first episode picked up with Alex finding one of Sara's hidden journals, while flashbacks detailed Sara having a psychotic break.

    Sara attacking her mom and Alex reading Sara's journal

    17. On This Is Us, Madison and Kevin each had their bachelorette and bachelor parties, and it seems like both of them are second-guessing if they should get married.

    Madison watching a video where Kevin explains that he doesn't want to grow old

    18. On Cruel Summer, we learned that Cindy found the key Jeanette was hiding to Mr. Harris's house and that Tennille's mom actually saw Jeanette at Mr. Harris's house before.

    Cindy trying a key in a front door

    19. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series returned with Season 2, and Nini revealed to Ricky that she's going to be leaving East High.

    Nini telling Ricky in front of everyone, "Ricky, I'm moving to Denver"

    20. On Chicago Fire, Severide adorably proposed to Stella, and I'm just so happy this finally happened.

    Severide saying, "I don’t ever want you to leave me. Stella Kidd, will you marry me?"

    21. On Nancy Drew, Nancy shockingly learned that Celia was killed, and Nancy definitely thinks Everett had something to do with it.

    Nancy crying and saying that Everett is always ahead of her and she just wants to protect everyone

    22. Superman & Lois returned from hiatus this week. The episode featured Jordan trying to control his powers and having to lie to Sarah. Ultimately, the episode ended with Clark rushing Jordan to the Fortress of Solitude after he had a seizure.

    Jordan telling Lois that his powers are making him push people away

    23. Run the World premiered this week. The new comedy series follows a group of loyal best friends in Harlem as they navigate friendships, love, heartbreak, work, and much more.

    24. On the Good Girls mid-season finale, with the FBI packing up and leaving, Rio delivered Beth, Annie, and Ruby a mold to now make Canadian money, so looks like this operation is going international now.

    Beth opening a present and seeing a Canadian money mold with the Queen on it

    25. And finally, on The Resident Season 4 finale, Nic and Conrad welcomed their daughter, who they named after both of their moms.

    Nic saying, "Georgiana Grace Hawkins" and Conrad saying, "Named after both of our moms"

    We can't fit everything into one post, so what were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!

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