I'm Still Yelling About These 17 TV Moments From This Week, So We Should Talk About Them

    The iCarly revival is here, and it's so good.

    🚨Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead! 🚨

    1. First, on Loki, Loki figured out that the evil Loki variant was hiding out during apocalypses. Then, the variant was unmasked as Sophia Di Martino's character, who I think is Sylvie Lushton, aka Enchantress.

    "Enchantress" telling Loki, "This isn't about you"

    2. And on Loki, "Sylvie/Enchantress" ultimately blew up the Sacred Timeline, which essentially created a multiverse.

    Ravonna looking at multiple timelines suddenly branching off the Sacred Timeline

    3. The first three episodes of the iCarly revival started on Paramount+. The season picks up with Carly wanting to get back into creating videos, and the show addressed Sam's absence.

    Carly telling Freddie she wants to create again, and that Sam is off "following her bliss with that biker gang"

    4. On Batwoman, Kate and Alice reunited after Alice figured out that she's actually alive. And the rest of the Bat Fam learned that Kate's back too.

    Kate saying, "You found me, but I couldn't find you," and Alice responding with, "It's okay. There's still time"

    5. And on Batwoman, Diggle visited Gotham City — for a neurology appointment 👀 — and ended up helping Luke deal with everything that has recently happened to him.

    Diggle telling Luke it's his job to carry on the Fox name and his anger will "win that fight" for justice

    6. On The Handmaid's Tale season finale, June organized a bunch of former handmaids to beat Fred Waterford to death in the woods after he was released from Canada.

    June looking directly at Fred, and then a circle of handmaids beating him up

    7. On the Cruel Summer season finale, Kate learned that Mallory was actually the one who saw Kate while she was kidnapped, not Jeannette. But, in a shocking final moment, we learned Jeanette did HEAR Kate when she was in the basement.

    Jeanette telling Kate, Mallory had the bike with the card on the wheel. Then, Jeanette in 1994 hearing Kate pleading in the basement

    8. And on Cruel Summer, Annabelle was revealed to be Martin's family gun, and Kate shot and killed him before escaping.

    Martin telling Kate, "You don't wanna do this. You love me"

    9. Lupin Part 2 started streaming on Netflix. The season picked up with a packed episode, which featured Raoul seemingly dying. Luckily he was OK, but it did beautifully set up the season because Assane realized he had to go after Juliette Pellegrini.

    Assane crying and having a gun pointed at his head

    10. On High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Seb adorably put together a quinceañero for Carlos, and sang him "The Climb."

    Seb playing the piano and singing

    11. Love, Victor returned with Season 2 on Hulu this week. The new season picked up with Victor coming out to his family and at school as he started a relationship with Benji.

    Victor telling everyone in the hallway, "The truth is I'm gay, and I'm with Benji now" and that he's really happy

    12. And on Love, Victor, the season ended with Felix and Pilar kissing, Mia and Andrew leaving town to find her mom, Lake seemingly flirting with Lucy, and Victor going to either Benji and Rahim's door.

    Victor saying, "Hi"

    13. On Legends of Tomorrow, Sara shockingly found out that she's actually "dead," and Ava heartbreakingly learned the same.

    Ava crying after Spooner says, "I'm so sorry. it killed her." And Sara looking at her dead body

    14. Blindspotting premiered this week. The new series follows Ashley, who is dealing with a lot after Miles, her partner and the father of her son, is suddenly incarcerated. Now, Ashley is left to navigate a hilarious existential crisis as she moves in with Miles' mother and sister.

    Jasmine Cephas Jones in Blindspotting

    15. Four Elite Short Stories dropped on Netflix this week, each one following specific characters before the start of Season 4. We caught up with Nadia and Guzmán, Samuel and Carla, Ander and Omar, and more.

    16. On The Bold Type, Sutton took a look at her life choices — particularly when it comes to drinking — and decided she should try therapy.

    Sutton saying she's been drinking more since Richard left, and Kat suggesting she try therapy

    17. And finally, Workin' Moms Season 5 started streaming on Netflix. The new season picked up after Anne moved away from Kate and the rest of her friends.

    Anne and Kate smiling at each other

    We can't fit everything into one post, so what were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!