The New "iCarly" Trailer Is Finally Here, And The Nostalgia Is Real, Y'all

    Grab your spaghetti tacos, iCarly is back!

    Grab your spaghetti tacos and pear phones, y'all. iCarly is back!

    That's right, the first trailer for the iCarly revival is here, and the nostalgia is real. The show starts 10 years after the finale and follows the crew, who are navigating dating, family, and work in their twenties.

    The trailer hinted at some fan-favorite characters making a comeback, like Mrs. Benson, Nevel Papperman, and Nora Dershlit.

    There are a few new faces too, like Laci Mosley and Jaidyn Triplett, who play Carly's roomate/BFF Harper, and Freddie's stepdaughter Millicent, respectively.

    We even got a couple throwbacks to some classic iCarly hijinks, like the recurring baby Spencer bit.

    The gang will officially be back together on June 17, with the first three episodes dropping on Paramount+ and new episodes coming weekly.

    You can watch the full trailer for yourself here:

    View this video on YouTube / Via Nickelodeon Studios