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35 Underrated TV Series With Amazing LGBTQ+ Storylines That Everyone Should Watch At Least Once

"When we're together, it feels OK to just be me."

There are spoilers ahead!

1. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Catra asking Adora why she came back for her, and Adora saying, "You matter to me"

This beautiful animated series follows Adora, who leaves her former life with the Horde behind when she discovers that she can transform into the warrior princess known as She-Ra. Soon, Adora finds a new family with the Rebellion as she helps unite everyone to fight against evil. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power¬†features one of the best ‚ÄĒ in my opinion ‚ÄĒ enemies to lovers stories I've seen on TV.

Where it's streaming: Netflix

2. Sense8

Amanita saying that when she met Nomi she had to get her number, and Lita saying that Hernando is the "love of my life"

This brilliant series follows a group of people from around the world who are suddenly mentally linked and must find a way to survive being hunted by those who think of them as a threat. Sense8 tells such incredible stories, while showcasing some beautiful LGBTQ+ relationships, like Nomi and Amanita, and Lito and Hernando. This show didn't get its time to shine, but it's certainly a series worth coming back to again and again.

Where it's streaming: Netflix

3. Dickinson

Emily asking Sue to never love Austin more than her, and Sue saying she doesn't have to worry

Starring Hailee Steinfeld, Dickinson is a coming-of-age story about Emily Dickinson. The series chronicles Emily's life as an aspiring poet as she explores the world and her sexuality, all while trying to go against society's expectations for women. Emily and Sue's forbidden relationship is perfectly brought to life by Hailee and Ella Hunt, as the audience explores the relationship that inspired a lot fo Emily's real life poems.

Where it's streaming: AppleTV+

4. Vida

Emma holding Nico's face

Vida tells the story of Emma and Lyn, two very different sisters who return to their old neighborhood after years away. The duo are forced to deal with the past and some shocking truths about their mother upon their return home. Namely, Emma must deal with her mother's feelings about her sexuality and how it put a strain on their already complicated relationship.

Where it's streaming: Starz and Hulu with the Starz add-on

5. Special

Ryan saying he can't have sex with someone because he's "super into dying alone"

Created by Ryan O'Connell, Special¬†follows Ryan, a gay man with cerebral palsy who decides to switch up his usual routine in the hopes of finally achieving the life he's always dreamed of. This show is witty and heartfelt as Ryan brings his story to life in just two amazing ‚ÄĒ and pretty perfect ‚ÄĒ seasons.¬†

Where it's streaming: Netflix

6. One Day at a Time

Elena telling Penelope she feels more when she looks at a picture of Kristen Stewart than she does when she kisses a boy

One Day at a Time follows the Alvarez family as they deal with their everyday problems together. The series brilliantly dives into conversations about mental health, immigration, racism, and LGBTQ+ issues. Elena's coming-out story and how it leads to important storylines for every generation of the Alvarez family is one of the show's strongest qualities.

Where it's streaming: Netflix

7. Wynonna Earp

Nicole telling Waverly, "That's easy. You are extraordinary"

Based on the comic books by Beau Smith, Wynonna Earp follows Wyatt Earp's great-great-granddaughter as she's forced to rid her hometown of revenants, the resurrected souls of the criminals Wyatt killed. Wynonna Earp entered the TV landscape just when we needed it the most as we watched Waverly and Nicole's relationship blossom. Plus, what other show bulletproof-vests their queer characters?

Where it's streaming: Netflix

8. It's a Sin

Ritchie lying in bed

Written and created by Russell T. Davies, It's a Sin chronicles the lives of several gay men and their friends in the UK from 1981 to 1991. The series dives into how they were all affected by HIV/AIDS at the time as they all lose friends and loved ones to the illness. With all of the LGBTQ+ characters played by queer actors, It's a Sin sheds light on a heartbreaking period with incredible performances that'll make you emotional from start to finish.

Where it's streaming: HBO Max

9. Euphoria

Rue hugging Jules and saying, "You're the best thing that's happened to me in a really long time. And I just don't want anything bad to happen"

The series follows Rue, who has just returned from rehab and is immediately dropped back into her chaotic life, which is filled with sex, drugs, and trauma. As Rue navigates high school, and her budding crush on new girl Jules, Euphoria explores all of the experiences that come with being a teen today. As more people discover Zendaya and Hunter Schafer's incredible performances, Euphoria is slowly transforming from an underrated gem to a bona fide TV hit.

Where it's streaming: HBO Max

10. Harley Quinn

Harley telling Ivy that she'd risk their friendship for love

This hilarious and witty series follows Harley Quinn, who has decided to start her own villain group after the Joker dumps her. Honestly, this series might feature one of the best versions of Harley Quinn outside of the comics, and it's a thrill to watch every episode. A pleasant surprise comes from Harley and Poison Ivy's romance, which is just perfectly brought to life onscreen. This show is a must-watch for any superhero/comic book fan.

Where it's streaming: HBO Max

11. Sex Education

Jean saying, "Sexuality is fluid. Sex doesn't make us whole. And so, how could you ever be broken?"

The series follows Otis, an introverted high schooler who decides to open a sex advice business with Maeve, a confident student who helps Otis come out of his shell. Soon, Otis, Maeve, and their BFF Eric know everyone's sexual problems while they also try to navigate their own. Sex Education is one of the best shows right now that talks about sexuality. Just the fact that every character's sexuality is ever changing as they learn and grow is so important.

Where it's streaming: Netflix

12. Supergirl

Nia saying, "And I don't know when that became such a bad thing. The greatest gift we can give each other is our authentic selves and sharing that"
The CW

Based on the beloved DC Comics character, Supergirl tells the story of Kara Zor-El, who is sent to Earth from Krypton. After her sister Alex is in trouble, Kara decides to use her superpowers to save her, and it's then that she realizes she can become a hero the world needs. Over its six seasons, Supergirl has been a place for great LGBTQ+ stories. From Alex's coming-out storyline to Nia Nal becoming the first transgender superhero on TV, the show has left its mark.

Where it's streaming: Netflix

13. Batwoman

Sophie saying, "For years, I kept it a secret. I thought I could have both"
The CW

Batwoman¬†tells the story of Kate Kane ‚ÄĒ and now Ryan Wilder ‚ÄĒ who uses the Batwoman mantle to fight crime in Gotham City after Bruce Wayne leaves town. While season 1 was a solid superhero show, season 2 has become must-watch TV. Both Ryan and Kate being openly queer superheroes is amazing, and add in Sophie's own coming-out journey, and you've got a series that is able to explore complex queer stories all while being a great action show.

Where it's streaming: HBO Max and Season 2 on The CW

14. Elite

Omar saying, "Coming here to find you, and kissing you in front of an entire club full of people is the easiest thing I have done in my life"

Elite follows the lives of several students as they attend Las Encinas, an exclusive private school in Spain. Their lives become even more complicated when one of their fellow classmates is shockingly murdered. This Spanish-language series is basically like Gossip Girl meets How to Get Away With Murder, and yes, it's as great as it sounds. In terms of queer storylines, the show explores sexuality as new students arrive at Las Encinas and new relationships are forged.

Where it's streaming: Netflix

15. Steven Universe

Ruby saying, "When we're together, it feels like it's okay to just be me. So I want to be me with you"
Cartoon Network

The show follows Steven Universe, who lives with the Crystal Gems, who are magical aliens named Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Soon, Steven has adventures with his friends and ultimately helps the Gems protect the world. While the show is fun to watch, once Ruby and Sapphire's relationship starts to blossom, this "children's show" becomes so important in terms of representation on TV.

Where it's streaming: HBO Max

16. The Wilds

Shelby touching Toni's face, while a voiceover from Nora says how she doesn't want to be afraid of loving someone
Amazon Prime Video

The Wilds follows a group of teenage girls who suddenly find themselves stranded on an island after their airplane crashes while they are on their way to the Dawn of Eve program, a young women's empowerment retreat. Now these girls from all different backgrounds must come together in order to survive. The Wilds is filled with twists during every episode, and Shelby and Toni's storylines are two of the best on the show.

Where it's streaming: Amazon Prime Video

17. Teenage Bounty Hunters

Sterling saying, "I wasn't there for you last night because I was following my heart"

Teenage Bounty Hunters follows twins Blair and Sterling, who team up with Bowser and become bounty hunters. This quick-witted series is magical, as it blends heartwarming family moments with hilarious action scenes. During one perfect season, Sterling explores her sexuality and soon learns that the person she wants most in this world has been her enemy at school for years.

Where it's streaming: Netflix

18. Pose

Papi telling Angel, "You are my dream, and one day, you gonna realize that I'm your man. That I'm gonna protect you and that I'm gonna love you right"

This critically acclaimed series spotlights the icons and house mothers of New York City's underground ball culture, a movement that came to prominence during the 1980s. With a diverse LGBTQ+ cast and authentic queer storylines, Pose has been able to represent so many people who rarely see themselves on TV. The writing and acting on this show make it one of the best in recent years, and this is a great opportunity to champion Pose once again.

Where it's streaming: Netflix

19. Please Like Me

Josh saying how he never trusts a good-looking guy when he's into him

Created, written by, and starring Josh Thomas, Please Like Me follows Josh, who is going through a lot of changes as he navigates adulthood. After being dumped by his girlfriend, Josh realizes he's actually gay. The series explores coming to terms with your sexuality and all of the beauty that comes with being your most authentic self. 

Where it's streaming: Hulu

20. Feel Good

George telling Mae that whatever labels they want to use, she's good with

Created, written by, and starring Mae Martin, Feel Good follows Mae, a comedian and recovering addict who jumps head first into a relationship with George, who has never been in a relationship with a woman before. This comedy is not only hilarious, but it tells some incredibly important stories, like Mae's PTSD, George's coming-out, and Mae's gender identity. Feel Good is a must-watch (and perfect) two-season series.

Where it's streaming: Netflix

21. The Fosters (and Good Trouble)

Lena telling Stef, "My love can show you that you're enough. 'Cause for me, you are everything"

The Fosters follows Stef and Lena Adams Foster and their family as they deal with everyday problems together. The series begins when Callie, a teen who has been in the foster care system for years, is placed with Stef and Lena and joins their blended family of biological, adopted, and foster children. Stef and Lena's love story is absolutely beautiful, and alongside it the series tells some amazing queer stories, like Jude's coming-out. After you finish The Fosters, you can jump right to Good Trouble, which continues to showcase LGBTQ+ voices both on and off screen.

Where they're streaming: Hulu

22. Gentleman Jack

Anne holding Ann's face

A fictional retelling of the story of lesbian trailblazer Anne Lister, Gentleman Jack follows Anne's life in 1830s England as she returns to Halifax to restore her uncle's estate that she's inherited. Gentleman Jack beautifully brings Anne and Ann Walker's forbidden romance to life as they deal with all the struggles that come with being a lesbian in that time period. Suranne Jones and Sophie Rundle's chemistry is something you can't miss out on.

Where it's streaming: HBO Max

23. Orphan Black

Delphine telling Cosima how social biases codify attraction, and Cosima saying, "That's oddly romantic"
BBC America

Orphan Black¬†tells the story of Sarah Manning, who shockingly uncovers a complicated and tangled conspiracy that involves herself and the clones that look exactly like her. The show's beautiful exploration of sexuality, with the characters of Cosima, Delphine, Felix, and more, make it a must-watch TV show with LGBTQ+ storylines. Plus, an Emmy Award‚Äďwinning performance by Tatiana Maslany is an added bonus.

Where it's streaming: Amazon Prime Video

24. Love, Victor

Victor telling Felix that he likes guys and he's thought that for a while

Set in the same world as Love, Simon, the series follows Victor, whose family has just moved to Creekwood. Soon, Victor embarks on a journey of self-discovery, with the help of Simon Spier, as he realizes that he's gay. Love, Victor not only tells Victor's coming-out story, but it showcases how Victor's family deals with the news and how his friends rally around him. Season 1 of the show is good, but season 2 is where the show really hits its stride.

Where it's streaming: Hulu

25. The Haunting of Bly Manor (and The Haunting of Hill House)

Jamie asking Dani if she wants company "while you wait for your beast in the jungle"

Based on The Turn of the Screw by Henry James, The Haunting of Bly Manor follows Dani, a young au pair who is hired by a man to take care of his niece and nephew at Bly Manor. After arriving, Dani realizes that there is more to Bly than meets the eye as she learns the secrets hidden within. A heartbreaking series, Dani and Jamie's love story is one of the best TV romances in recent years. If you end up loving The Haunting of Bly Manor, you can also check out The Haunting of Hill House, which follows the Crain siblings and features Theo, the middle child, who is just really into "bridesmaids." 

Where they're streaming: Netflix

26. 9-1-1: Lone Star

Paul saying he didn't know how to explain being transgender to his 9-year-old sister

9-1-1: Lone Star¬†follows the fire, police, and ambulance departments of company 126 in Austin, Texas. A spinoff of 9-1-1, this show is not only an exhilarating procedural, but it takes the time to develop each of its characters episode after episode. In terms fo LGBTQ+ storylines, 9-1-1: Lone Star¬†dives deep into Paul's journey as a trans man ‚ÄĒ Brian Michael Smith is the first Black trans man to be a series regular on a network series ‚ÄĒ and Carlos and TK's romance is simply swoonworthy.

Where it's streaming: Hulu

27. Motherland: Fort Salem

Scylla telling Raelle, "This is all you need to know. I love you, Raelle"

Motherland: Fort Salem follows Raelle, Abigail, and Tally, three powerful witches who train in combat magic in order to take down the evil Spree. The show takes place in a women-dominated world where the US ended the persecution of witches during the Salem Witch Trials. The show is badass to say the least, plus Raelle and Scylla's complex relationship will keep you coming back for more. 

Where it's streaming: Hulu

28. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Holt telling Rosa, "Every time someone steps up and says who they are, the world becomes a better, more interesting place"

Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows a group of detectives who work at the 99th Precinct in New York City. Not only are all the characters fun and heartfelt, but the storylines go way past the daily cases they are solving. While the show has become a hidden gem, I think we can still talk about how amazing Rosa's coming-out story is and how perfect Captain Holt and Kevin are together.

Where it's streaming: Hulu and Peacock

29. Atypical

Izzie telling Casey, "Even if you don't feel the same, you can at least be there for me as a friend"

This series follows Sam Gardner, an autistic teenager who is just trying to navigate high school. Leaning on his family and friends, Sam embarks on a journey unlike anything else as he decides to start dating girls after talking to his therapist. Atypical has become a hidden Netflix gem. In terms of LGBTQ+ storylines, Casey's coming-out storyline is one of the best on TV, and their relationship with Izzie is a must-see. 

Where it's streaming: Netflix

30. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Darryl singing "Gettin' Bi"
The CW

This hilarious and thoughtful musical comedy follows Rebecca Bunch, a lawyer who decides to pick up her life in NYC and move to the small town of West Covina, California, after she bumps into Josh Chan, her boyfriend from summer camp. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a brilliant blend of original songs and stories we rarely see on TV. Every single episode is better than the last, and once you get to Darryl's "Gettin' Bi" song, you'll be hooked.

Where it's streaming: Netflix

31. Killing Eve

Villanelle and Eve kissing on a bus
BBC America

Killing Eve¬†follows Eve Polastri, who is recruited to help chase an international assassin named Villanelle. Soon after their paths cross, both of them begin to focus less on their respective missions and try to desperately learn more about each other. The show has received critical acclaim ‚ÄĒ even earning Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh Emmy and Golden Globe Awards respectively ‚ÄĒ but we can always talk more about the scene-stealing chemistry between Eve and Villanelle that carries the show to some extraordinary places.¬†

Where it's streaming: Hulu

32. Station 19

Carina saying, in Italian, "Dammi un bacio" and Maya saying, "Was that 'kiss me'?"

Set in Seattle, Station 19 focuses on the lives of the firefighters who work at Station 19. This Grey's Anatomy spinoff has really come into its own season after season, with compelling characters you can't help but love. From Maya and Carina's electric chemistry to Travis trying to navigate life after his husband's death, and Emmett's coming-out story, Station 19 is all heart, and it's a delight to watch.

Where it's streaming: Hulu

33. Genera+ion

Chester looking at a boy at a party

Genera+ion follows a group of high school students as they explore their sexuality in the modern world. The great young cast takes center stage in this show that explores not only the hardships high schoolers face, but also all of the fun and excitement that comes with being part of the LGBTQ+ community. The show is joyful, but also isn't afraid to explore tough topics, much like Euphoria. If you're looking for a new show, add this one to the list.

Where it's streaming: HBO Max

34. The Bold Type

Kat saying that she's bisexual, and how this label feels important

The Bold Type follows Jane, Kat, and Sutton, three best friends who all work at Scarlet Magazine. The series leans on the relationship between Jane, Kat, and Sutton as they try to reach their professional goals while also figuring out their personal lives. One of the best storylines from The Bold Type involves Kat discovering her sexuality and falling in love with Adena, an incredible photographer.

Where it's streaming: Hulu

35. Legends of Tomorrow

Sara and Ava doing a pinky swear at camp
The CW

Legends of Tomorrow tells the story of a group of unlikely heroes as they travel through time aboard the Wave Rider, battling villains and trying to maintain the timeline. One of many Arrowverse shows, Legends of Tomorrow has beautifully folded in some amazing characters into a truly bonkers and fun series. Ava and Sara's relationship remains a staple of the show, even after six seasons.

Where it's streaming: Netflix

We can't fit every show into one post, so what other underrated TV shows with LGBTQ+ storylines do you love? Tell us in the comments below!

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