Everything You Need To Know About The Cast Of "The Wilds"

    Say hello to the cast.

    If you haven't had a chance to binge your way through The Wilds on Amazon Prime yet, you're definitely in for a treat. The show debuted in December 2020 and quickly got renewed for Season 2.

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    If you're obsessed with all things involving The Wilds, we've created a go-to guide so you can get to know the up-and-coming cast a little better.

    Intro card for The Wilds

    1. After minor appearances in Gotham and One Dollar, Sarah Pidgeon landed her first leading role as heartbroken teen Leah Rilke in The Wilds.

    Leah in The Wilds

    2. Originally from New Zealand, Pidgeon headed to the United States to pursue her acting degree and graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 2018.

    3. Before landing her role as the flirty Fatin Jadmani, Sophia Ali was featured in Faking It, Truth or Dare, and Grey's Anatomy.

    Fatin in The Wilds

    4. Ali is a Southern California native and was born in San Diego back in November 1995.

    5. Singer, songwriter, and actress Reign Edwards portrays sports star Rachel Reid. Prior to The Wilds, she was featured in The Bold and the Beautiful, MacGyver, and Snowfall.

    6. Edwards' role in The Bold and the Beautiful brought her three nominations for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

    7. Shannon Berry is the face of Dot Campbell, who is forced to grow up quickly in the face of family tragedy.

    8. Berry originally made a name for herself with roles in Hunters and Offspring.

    9. Newcomer Jenna Clause portrays Martha Blackburn in the series.

    10. Clause is originally from New York and The Wilds is her biggest on-screen role to date.

    11. Fresh to the acting scene, Mia Healey portrays the angelic Texas pageant queen, Shelby Goodkind.

    Shelby talking in The Wilds

    12. Healey is an Australian actress and the YA series is her first on-screen acting gig ever.

    13. Helena Howard portrays the introverted Nora Reid, who is also the twin sister of Rachel Reid.

    14. Howard grew up in New Jersey and has recently been seen in Don't Look Deeper and Social Distance.

    15. Erana James portrays the tough-as-nails Toni Shalifoe.

    Toni wearing a messy ponytail in The Wilds

    16. James was born in 1999 and got her first role on Sons of Liars in 2015.

    17. Despite Jeanette not lasting very long in the series, the character still marked one of Chi Nguyen's first major Hollywood acting jobs.

    Jeanette holding a piece of chocolate cake in The Wilds

    18. Rachel Griffiths lends her acting talents as the ambitious Dawn of Eve leader, Gretchen Klein.

    Gretchen sitting down in The Wilds

    19. Griffiths is also an Australia native and has had quite the career with roles in Six Feet Under, Brothers & Sisters, and Blow.

    Rachel Griffiths wearing a sparkly top and blazer coat