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    "Dickinson" Creator Alena Smith Talks About Getting Taylor Swift's "Ivy" For An Important Emily And Sue Moment

    Dickinson creator Alena Smith breaks down how Taylor Swift approved the use of "Ivy" in the series.

    🚨There are obviously massive spoilers ahead!🚨

    With only one episode left after this week, Dickinson is about to wrap up an absolutely perfect final season.

    Hailee Steinfeld smiling in a scene from Dickinson

    So, it's only natural that the series gifted us with an incredible Emily and Sue moment that we've been building toward all season.

    Following their fight in the orchard a few episodes ago, Emily and Sue finally get a big, epic, and romantic reunion after Sue publishes one of Emily's poems.

    Emily and Sue lying in bed and thanking each other for writing and publishing the poem, respectively

    And while Hailee Steinfeld and Ella Hunt are brilliant, as always, one of the biggest surprises is Taylor Swift's "Ivy" being featured at the end of the scene.

    Since Taylor Swift surprise dropped Evermore in 2020, fans have been quick to point out how some of the songs relate to Emily Dickinson and Sue Gilbert.

    So when it came down to picking a song for the end of this Dickinson scene, creator Alena Smith knew they had to try and use "Ivy."

    Hailee Steinfeld and Alena Smith pose together for a photo at a red carpet event

    In an interview with BuzzFeed, Alena explained, "I wanted that song because it means so much to the fans who have all convinced themselves that Taylor Swift wrote it about Emily and Sue."

    "I don't really think that's probably true, but I love the song, I love that whole album, and I really wanted it to be the end credits song for this episode, obviously, for all those reasons."

    Alena explained that the Dickinson team reached out to Taylor to see if it would be possible, and Alena was "so happy" when Taylor said yes.

    "I think it makes this Emily and Sue moment just unforgettable, especially for fans who have been on this journey with us. I wish our end credits were longer so you could hear the whole song."

    So yeah, it's a fire It's a goddamn blaze in the dark And you started it ❤️‍🔥

    @internetalena / Via Twitter: @internetalena

    Ella Hunt, who plays Sue, took to Twitter shortly after the episode dropped to express how much she loves Episode 9 and this moment as well.

    i don’t have words for episode 9. i just cry. i love it. i love them. @internetalena i will be thankful forevermore!

    @EllaHunt / Via Twitter: @EllaHunt

    Meanwhile, Hailee Steinfeld posted a series of photos on Instagram and declared Episode 9 "a favorite of mine."

    And the moment paid off because as soon as the episode became available, fans could not stop tweeting about "Ivy," myself included.

    "ivy" by taylor swift is officially about emily dickinson and sue gilbert. send tweet. #Dickinson

    @noradominick / Via Twitter: @noradominick

    oh, goddamn. my pain fits in the palm of your freezing hand taking mine, but it’s been promised to another.

    @cheryltopaz / Via Twitter: @cheryltopaz

    Idk how I’m supposed to sleep tonight #dickinson

    @sapphicloverr / Via Twitter: @sapphicloverr

    I'd meet you where the spirit meets the bones #dickinson

    @damndorotheaa / Via Twitter: @damndorotheaa

    This is a reminder that a fan made edit of #Dickinson featuring Taylor Swift’s Ivy caught the attention of the series creator, then Alena made sure to include it in the final season’s OST and have it playing after a pivotal moment in Emily&Sue’s relationship 🥺❤️‍🔥 THE SAPPHICS WON

    @tiniywiniy / Via Twitter: @tiniywiniy

    i’ve been replaying the last scene in a loop @internetalena if i was a teacher in film school i’d show this to every students

    @marieflows / Via Twitter: @marieflows

    Please expand the read the whole thing but @internetalena @HaileeSteinfeld and @EllaHunt I cannot thank you enough. #Dickinson 💛

    @immazinaman / Via Twitter: @immazinaman

    The use of "Ivy" and this intimate Emily and Sue moment is just another reason why Dickinson has become not only a phenomenal series, but a champion for LGBTQ+ stories on TV.

    The series finale of Dickinson starts streaming on Apple TV+ on Dec. 24.