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    15 People Who Failed Hard This Week

    Not the Uber driver in the ocean...

    1. This unfortunate sign fail:

    I’m sorry....what kind of store??

    Twitter: @mariana057

    2. This substitution:

    My guitar capo isn't working wtf

    Twitter: @WholsRichie

    3. This Tooth Fairy rejection:

    Personal news: After years of flawless service, the Tooth Fairy hit a rough patch this week.

    Twitter: @LaurelRosenhall

    4. This invasion:

    Twitter: @Sandernista412

    5. This fake Taylor Swift DM:

    Twitter: @TAYLORNOTSWlFT

    6. This baked mistake:

    I’m so baked i didn’t notice that the pizza I wanted didnt add to the cart before I hit “order” so I just waited an hour and a half and payed $15 for one side of ranch dressing and nothing else

    Twitter: @CdyRnkn

    7. And this baked meal:

    Twitter: @fucklordes

    8. This whole moment:

    Twitter: @BrandsOwned
    @BrandsOwned / Via Twitter: @BrandsOwned

    9. This "tree":

    Twitter: @Gooooats

    10. This response:

    Twitter: @gracecamille_

    11. This Uber driver's fail:

    Twitter: @claudiakitty_g
    @claudiakitty_g / Via Twitter: @claudiakitty_g

    12. This candle fail:

    Didn’t have the candles #2 and #7 so... Happy 27th birthday son! 🎉🎉

    Twitter: @haskinsinuate

    13. This AirPods infuriating fail:

    Twitter: @reegnkay

    14. This review:

    Twitter: @InsaneLetterbox

    15. And lastly, this stunning realization:

    Twitter: @elsie_ix

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