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    These People Failed Hard This Week, And It's A Little Hilarious

    The parasailing fail, LMAO.

    1. This bizarre reaction:

    Twitter: @vanesaac15

    2. This blender:

    Sent my bf to get me a beauty blender and this is what he came back with 😂

    Twitter: @mixhelleeg

    3. This experience:

    So glad movie theaters are back ❤️

    Twitter: @InsaneLetterbox

    4. This math error:

    thinking about the 7 barbz that could have joined the live to get it to a million 🥲

    Nicki Minaj / Twitter: @yonswae

    5. This fit:

    Twitter: @ChrisDStedman

    6. And this shit:

    Twitter: @brennanjacuzzi

    7. This husband's fall:

    Soooo my husband just came crashing through the attic of our new home today after I told him to leave the work up there to the professionals and I— Anyway, how is your day going? 🥲

    Twitter: @KMurryByrd

    8. This parasailing fail:

    I went parasailing and fell off the harness 😭😭😭

    Twitter: @yattadondada

    9. This voice memo reaction:

    He decided to swipe up and this was the words he chose LMAOO

    Twitter: @thaboyjozu

    10. This stance:

    this is how my dad is talking to my neighbors rn

    Twitter: @weast_carolina

    11. This Ava Max response:

    she hasn’t heard a single elton john song in her life...

    ET / Twitter: @avasthrone

    12. This gas pump situation:

    Twitter: @pjayevans

    13. And lastly, this adorable text fail:

    responded to a work message while i was playing with my dog and the voice text kept going

    Twitter: @jaboukie

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