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    13 Times People On The Internet Failed This Week

    I'm obsessed with the mom's text.

    1. This shoot-your-shot fail:

    asked the waiter for his social media and he said he didn’t have social media. asked him for his phone # and he said “no but you can have my name its on the receipt” and handed me the receipt and walked away

    Twitter: @beyologist

    2. This pigs in a blanket fail:

    Tried to make pigs in a’s giving pigs on a air mattress 🥴🤣

    Twitter: @KvngSuki

    3. This emoji fail:

    really gotta teach my parents how to use emojis

    Twitter: @kobzilla_001

    4. This dad's disappointment:

    Twitter: @morrisseysgay

    5. This capitalism fail:

    Twitter: @thisdiegolopez

    6. This friend's text fail:

    Friends that checkup on you >>>>>

    Twitter: @maxjaay426

    7. This person's prank, which hilariously exposed their friend:

    I set up a shortcut on my roommate’s phone that notifies me every time he gets on Grindr....

    Twitter: @ImSoooHOLYfield

    8. This Grindr guy's response:

    I was talking to a local on Grindr and he said he didn’t need the vaccine because he’s had COVID twice already like babe, you’re living proof that’s not how it works 🥺

    Twitter: @BrendanOde

    9. This Taylor Swift hater's fail:

    Twitter: @meryssong

    10. This acronym deciphering fail:

    DKNY: is a fashion label my brain: donkey kong new york

    Twitter: @internetanja

    11. This mom's adorable fail:

    Twitter: @LLucksbane
    @LLucksbane / Via Twitter: @LLucksbane

    12. This expensive fail:

    13. And lastly, this Easter fail:

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