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    13 People Who Failed This Week

    The Invisible Man review...

    1. This structural fail:

    Twitter: @isabeatty

    2. This workout fail:

    me : close the gyms bts :

    Twitter: @dreamjeons

    3. This geography fail:

    Twitter: @TheFlemishSeth

    4. This review:

    Twitter: @letterboxdauras

    5. This mom's slip:

    happy pride to my mom who accidentally asked me how long I knew I was bi-racial after I came out as bisexual

    Twitter: @saggiesplinters

    6. This nurse's response:

    Got a covid test this morning and said to the nurse "sorry I'm deaf I can't hear you" and she went "no you're not" so guess I can hear now

    Twitter: @isaacjroberts

    7. This bad experience with weed:

    i hate weed so much i just smoked a bowl n thought Am i a bad father whole time i don’t even have a kid

    Twitter: @helldick420

    8. This look/price:

    Twitter: @depopdrama

    9. This van-truck hybrid:

    Twitter: @indigogloves

    10. This sign's erosion, LOL:

    Twitter: @IivingdeadgirIs

    11. This series of messages:

    Twitter: @immrylee

    12. This Katy Perry birthday fail:

    .@KatyPerry accidentally wishes @ArianaGrande happy birthday a day early in new tweet: “happiest birthday to the best living vocalist on earth @ArianaGrande fight me if you think different”

    Twitter: @PopCrave / Photo: Kevin Mazur / WireImage / Getty Images

    13. And lastly, this fan's fail — they asked Saweetie if she'd collab with Donna Summer, who is dead:

    seriously HELPLSJF

    Twitter: @alovetrilogy

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