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    14 Hilarious Fails From This Week

    The child's savage letter to his mom. OMG.

    1. This man's proclamation:

    this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

    Twitter: @cntariogothic

    2. This "gas" win and basement fail:

    not to brag but I’m halfway done filling my basement with gasoline

    Twitter: @DanMentos

    3. This convo:

    Twitter: @deadkaylie

    4. This goodbye:

    just sold this girl adderall and she did a curtsy on her way out

    Twitter: @etLinux

    5. This revisited fail:

    Twitter: @tinderdistrict

    6. And this one, too:

    I always laugh when I remember I hugged my first ever therapist and she texted me “don’t ever do that again” before I hit the end of the street. my life is a sketch show.

    Twitter: @helloalegria

    7. This grammar fail:

    Twitter: @jackies_backie

    8. This game concept:

    GTA modders just be making they own games at this point 💀

    Twitter: @HeavenlyControl

    9. This boyfriend's fail:

    my gf is out with the girls. this means i’ve been left to my own devices for hours. i now have a hangover, two questionable tweets, and three second-degree burns

    Twitter: @kristoferthomas

    10. This bite:

    Twitter: @Amy_rights

    11. This unfortunate wrinkle:

    Twitter: @glamdemon2004

    12. This photograph/caption from Brooklyn Beckham:

    I still think about Brooklyn Beckham’s book of photography about once a month

    Twitter: @Bethan_Kate

    13. This child's message to their mom:

    Twitter: @_teyonceee

    14. And lastly, this mask fail:

    Twitter: @davenewworld_2

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