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    12 People Who Failed, Like, Really Hard This Week

    The Grindr message, LMAO.

    1. This rejection:

    Woman in the library asked to borrow my charger. She used it for an hour or so then told me "thanks, add me on fb" and literally guided me, looking at my laptop over my shoulder, to her profile. I sent a request bc it felt awkward not to and now I see she rejected the request

    Twitter: @amalieskram

    2. This nest:

    Whenever I mess up an experiment I just think of what a pigeon considers a successful nest

    Twitter: @ndchiappini

    3. This mom's interruption:

    I just did a zoom book talk with 100+ ppl and my mother came on and wrote this in the comments:

    Twitter: @menachemkaiser

    4. This mishap:

    I ain’t never seen a car tear an ACL 😂

    Twitter: @bitchiwas999

    5. This honest response:

    Twitter: @IamDayneScott

    6. This interaction:

    Twitter: @uchjn

    7. This randomly rude message:

    Twitter: @chrispena_16

    8. This whole moment:

    ah yes i love american cuisine

    Twitter: @kingdeficit

    9. This habit:

    Twitter: @paleshelterx

    10. This panicked dog:

    Twitter: @CreoleBabyBritt

    11. This crucial missing item:

    the crucial 4th ice cream bowl was lost at some point, forever altering the vibe

    Twitter: @whalefern

    12. And lastly, this whole sign saga:

    Twitter: @AmbJohnBoIton

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