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    16 Tweets That Eloquently And Hilariously Ended Men This Month

    It's that ✨time of the month✨ again!!!!!!!

    DISCLAIMER: I obviously did not write these tweets!!! I simply think they're funny and wanted to share them with you guys. Please enjoy. And if one of these tweets hits home with you, please be sure to follow the person who tweeted it to ensure that your Twitter feed stays full of funny jokes about men. Enjoy! ✨💖😌💅💖✨

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    notice how we say “man” whenever we’re disappointed

    Twitter: @Gbemideyforyou


    rip jane austen i just know you would've enjoyed bullying men on twitter

    Twitter: @rnostardently


    men be like “your cute😍” my cute what?

    Twitter: @uhprome


    I didn’t want to fuck this guy at first.. But then he liked 37 of my instagram posts at once and commented “😍” on a picture of some pretty flowers from 94 weeks ago and now i am reconsidering !

    Twitter: @eggshellfriend


    men be like “i didn’t mean to cheat for real it’s just idk.. i miss my grandma 😞”

    Twitter: @nahrain_


    I recently went on a date & the guy (35 years of age) said I taught him a new word. It was “diabolical”. I’ve had enough

    Twitter: @lannadelnegro


    men will literally put a 150-year curse on their family instead of carrying madame zeroni up the mountain

    Twitter: @jzux


    men hate on astrology but be on 2k building they dream man..

    Twitter: @leanwdafanta


    manipulative men b like “why would u tell people that i hurt u...?”

    Twitter: @CALLHERDIARA


    men be at house parties saying "this song was on fifa"

    Twitter: @valyeeet


    men be like, “the last thing i ever want to do is hurt u..................but its still on my list”

    Twitter: @uhprome


    Rap beef is funny when you think about it. Two (or more) grown men so angry they are driven to recite poetry over an instrumental.

    Twitter: @Wildebee_


    jennifer’s body is unrealistic because if i had a friend that was terrorizing men i would mind my business

    Twitter: @piscesIesbian


    its womens day so why r men still talking

    Twitter: @ketameani3


    i feel like girls get 2 much slack for being “crazed fans” of musicians bc have u ever seen the lengths boys go 2 to defend their favorite rapper ?????

    Twitter: @UGHBARBlE

    16. And lastly, THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i wanna b feminine in a way that scares men like one of those deep sea sirens

    Twitter: @spacegirlmaris

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