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Nicole Kidman Has Starred In 59 Movies – How Many Have You Seen?

My brain hurts just by looking at this list.


So, Um, Julie Andrews Is Going To Be In “Aquaman” Playing Some Kind Of Sea Creature And People Are Here For It

“Who knew that Aquaman would have the real Mary Poppins this Christmas?” producer Peter Safran said.

7 Behind-The-Scenes Facts We Learned About "Aquaman" At San Diego Comic-Con

The ultimate fish-out-of-water story. *bu-dum-tss*

The First Trailer For "Shazam!" Is Here And, Honestly, It Looks Incredible

"Say my name so that my powers may flow through you."

The First "Aquaman" Trailer Dropped At Comic-Con And It's A Wet, Hot Adventure

Jason Momoa is tasked with stopping a war between the Atlanteans and the land-dwellers.


27 Kick-Ass Female Superheroes You'll Love If Wonder Woman Is Your Favorite

Jessica Jones fighting crime with one hand and sipping a drink with the other is my 2017 aesthetic.

New "Justice League" Footage Is Here And Oh My God

Just a bunch of superheroes goofin' around together, NBD.

"Justice League" Looks Like It Might Actually Be Fun

"Arthur Curry. I hear you can talk to fish."

Meet The Justice League From "Batman v Superman"

Director Zack Snyder and producer Deborah Snyder explained to BuzzFeed News how they brought Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg to life. Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead!

Half Of the Team That Changed Horror Is Now Flying Solo

Horror duo Leigh Whannell and James Wan found massive success with Saw and Insidious. Now Whannell is continuing the Insidious series without his frequent collaborator at his side.


Just A Quick Reminder That Jason Momoa Is Too Damn Sexy

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves.

"Aquaman" First Look Reveals A Tattooed Jason Momoa

Director Zack Snyder tweeted the first official image of Momoa as the DC Comics hero, and also teased Justice League.


Out Actor Ezra Miller To Play The Flash In "Justice League" Movies

Warner Bros. also announced its full slate of Justice League films through 2020, including a stand-alone Cyborg movie, starring black stage actor Ray Fisher.

"Aquaman And The Others" Take Charge In A New Ongoing Title

Aquaman, Ya'Wara, Prisoner-of-War and the rest of The Others are finally bringing their Atlantean brand of justice to their own ongoing title. Aquaman And The Others #1 hits shelves on April 2nd.


22 Times The Justice League Proved Their Superpower Is Sass

Can one universe handle this much snark? Potential League members must be able to kick ass and cut a biting retort at a moment's notice.

Superheroes As Fonts

Designer Matthew Olin put together this project that both comic book and design nerds will love.

Exclusive: Justice League #17 Ends With Someone In A Watery Grave

Family drama is always the worst. Aquaman calls on the Justice League to help stop his brother from destroying the surface once and for all.

Atlantis And America Go To War In "Justice League" #16

With Aquaman stuck in the middle. Will he be able to bring the warring factions together or be forced to choose a side? Buzzfeed got an exclusive look inside the explosive new issue.

Aquaman Gets An Awesome "Robot Chicken" Variant Cover

He's had it up to HERE with the jokes. And he's out for revenge.

The Nerdiest Car At Comic Con

Spotted in the parking lot of the Days Inn at San Diego.

Casting The Comic Book Heroes Who Should Have Movies

With the smashing success of The Avengers, superhero movies are bigger than ever. Here are my choices for heroes that need their own film. Fellow comics nerds: further casting suggestions are highly encouraged in the comments!

Exclusive Look! Aquaman's Wife Don't Take No Sass

DC Comics gave BuzzFeed a sneak peek at the first four pages of Aquaman #6, coming out next week. And my god, that is the fastest police response time ever.

Aquaman Is Totally Screwed

DC must have as much disdain for Arthur Curry as the fans. Arguably in possession of the least heroic super powers of the A-List line-up, Aquaman is actually less equipped to deal with his current situation than a mere mortal.

14 Stunning Revelations About The DC Comics Relaunch

DC Comics honchos Jim Lee and Geoff Johns are subjected to an intense grilling by BuzzFeed editors about their massive relaunch, The New 52. Virtually all of the major DC titles, from Batman to Wonder Woman, are starting over at #1 with brand new stories and mythologies. We confront the DC creative team about this very important event with very stupid questions.

16 Sneak Peek DC Comic Covers

Too many multi-verses? Shut. Down. Everything. Starting in September, DC will be hitting the veritable reset button on many of their franchises. Each of these heroes goes back to issue #1 this fall.

The Justice League Porn Parody Trailer

With Ron Jeremy as The Penguin! Don't worry, it's safe for work.


Justice League Punk Posters

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, et al. reimagined as contemporaries of the Sex Pistols. Another Warren Ellis challenge from the Whitechapel forums. In the same vein as Batman Steampunk Posters, just minus the steam.

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