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    19 "Blursed" Images That Are As Hilarious As They Are Deeply Uncomfortable

    It was the best of times, it was the blursed of times.

    For years, Reddit users have been sorting images into two categories: "blessed" and "cursed". But no more...

    godos081 / bigPUNnbigFUN / Via

    If you didn't know, blursed = blessed + cursed. It's Reddit-speak for a picture that brings you joy and comfort BUT also creeps you out or confuses you. It's "blursed". Here are some of the funniest examples from subreddit r/BlursedImages.

    1. Meet "Gooby", or "Oofy":

    T_max04 / Via

    2. Harry Potter and the blursed child:

    mareeca / Via

    3. Big Pepper energy:

    R3tard3ad / Via

    4. The most blursed face swap ever:

    _Pokeboy_ / Via

    5. Straight outta Trafalgar Square:

    Dysteclii / Via

    6. An annoying egg:

    Ribarr1991 / Via

    7. Yvan eht nioj:

    Michael_here520 / Via

    8. Worst glitch of my life:

    unioter1 / Via

    9. The real Cannibal Corpse:

    Torelias99 / Via

    10. Sad Woody:

    Patpatnotstar / Via

    11. A cocky cat:

    McMuffin_53 / Via

    12. See you again, Weasley:

    YonceOnHerKnees / Via

    13. Excuse me, ma'am, this is business class:

    sneaky_kick_boxer / Via

    14. Blursed Aquaman:

    wesc99 / Via

    15. Essential reading for the blursed:

    Squagward_ / Via

    16. Nike drop:

    cock_pussy / Via

    17. TFW you lose to a bunch of bananas:

    danicemenskush / Via

    18. An actual screenshot:

    RaahilTheHuman / Via

    19. The assassination of Crumb:

    thatboythough / Via

    Shoutout to the people of r/BlursedImages for providing all this hilarity!