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    Jason Momoa Just Dragged Chris Pratt On Instagram For Drinking Bottled Water

    Aquaman protecting our oceans IRL.

    Like many celebs trying to make a quick buck, Chris Pratt just posted some ~sponsored content~ for workout stuff on his Instagram page.

    And while some of Chris's famous friends were all about the #ad... particular A-lister was *not* too pleased with the photo — Jason Momoa.

    Jason didn't take issue with the ad itself but, rather, with the fact that Chris was holding a single-use plastic water bottle in it.

    And Jason aired his grievances about the plastic waste right in the comments of Chris's post.

    "Bro I love u but wtf on the water bottle," Jason wrote. "No single use plastic. Come on."

    Well, seeing how plastic waste is destroying our oceans...

    ...and killing millions of animals...

    ...and contaminating the food you eat every day...

    ...I'm gonna have to side with Jason on this one. Get a reusable water bottle or GTFO!

    Thank you, Aquaman, for always fighting to protect our oceans.