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    Jason Momoa Is Isolating After The "Dune" Star Tested Positive For COVID After Attending A Premiere

    The news comes as filming for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is also underway.

    Jason Momoa is isolating right now after recently testing positive for COVID-19.

    The actor, who's been photographed at numerous red carpet events in London this month, currently stars in Denis Villeneuve's new sci-fi movie Dune alongside Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya.

    While appearing at press events and screenings for Dune, which opened in theaters last month and became available to stream on HBO Max about a week ago, Jason was also filming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

    After an article published by The Sun originally reported on the diagnosis last week, citing anonymous sources, Jason confirmed that he contracted the illness following a premiere event for Dune in the UK.

    "I got hit with COVID right after the premiere," he said in an Instagram story video posted on Friday. "There's a lot of people I met in England. Got a lot of aloha from people, and who knows."

    "Either way, I'm doing fine," Jason continued, noting that he's "camped out in [his] house" at the moment and his experience with the illness has been "pretty good" so far. The actor joked that he and professional skater Erik Ellington, his friend and current roommate, were "having a ball," while turning the camera to show Erik zooming through the house on a skateboard.

    Although The Sun's article linked Jason's COVID diagnosis to the production underway on Aquaman 2, there wasn't an outbreak reported on set last week, according to the outlet.

    Even as global vaccination numbers rise, COVID-19 is continuing to spread worldwide. Head to the CDC's website for more information about how to best protect yourself and others, or the NHS website for guidance specific to the UK.