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    7 Behind-The-Scenes Facts We Learned About "Aquaman" At San Diego Comic-Con

    The ultimate fish-out-of-water story. *bu-dum-tss*

    During San Diego Comic-Con, BuzzFeed sat down with Aquaman director James Wan and picked his brain about the upcoming film. Here's everything we learned:

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    1. Atlantians are built to withstand the pressure of the depths, so their physical make-up is not the same as that of humans.

    2. Creating the seven kingdoms was technologically challenging, which is why it took until now to make the film.

    3. Mera, Amber Heard's character, will play a huge role in the film.

    4. The main conflict of the film will focus on pollution and how it's making the Atlantians sick.

    5. Patrick Wilson's King Orm believes he is the rightful king of Atlantis and decides he's done putting up with all of the surface world's trash (literally).

    6. According to Wan, Jason Momoa and Aquaman share similar life stories.

    7. And finally, at its core, this is a story about overcoming your insecurities and realizing your own greatness.

    So there ya have it! Be sure to catch Aquaman when it ~splashes~ into theaters December 21, 2018!