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    Jason Momoa Actually Ate Like He Lived Under The Sea For "Aquaman"

    He went full method.

    Jason Momoa is about to make a splash as a leading man in a huge, watery-themed blockbuster movie called Aquaman.

    Not the Vinny Chase one.

    Australia is claiming all bragging rights to this fun, fantasy-heavy film because it was shot on the Gold Coast, directed by Aussie James Wan and also stars Nicole Kidman.

    In the two hour and 45-minute film Momoa, renowned for being a very...physical actor, spends a lot of time without a shirt on as he plays a half-human, half-sea king.

    His time on set sounded wild as he started every day with a swim: "The first thing I would do every morning was jump in the ocean which was pretty cool being on the Gold Coast," Momoa told BuzzFeed.

    Richard Walker

    "And being Aquaman, it was a good way to get into character."

    He also had to work out in between takes and was made to eat every two hours. BUT he wasn't allowed carbs. 🤯

    Richard Walker

    The beer-loving actor, who was given a six-pack of bevies by fans at the Australian premiere this week, made sure he got a daily treat in during filming. "They wouldn’t give me any carbs and I love beer so I would be really strict so I could have my Guinness at the end of the day," he said.

    "I put on weight really easily. I can’t get trim, I can’t get ripped. I’ve got that Polynesian gene so would have to really watch what I ate," he said.


    If Jason Momoa — who may be one of the fittest blokes in Hollywood — doesn't think he is ripped then I quit the gym for life.

    He instead stuck to a diet that included turkey legs, tomahawk steaks and a daily breakfast of "sardines and eggs and seaweed."

    Village Roadshow

    "Man, I really am Aquaman," he said.