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29 Actors Who Effed Up Big Time And Shared Some Major Spoilers About Their Movies And TV Shows

Tom Holland, I love you, but you gotta learn to keep your mouth shut.

1. One of the most shocking TV deaths was when Marissa Cooper died in the third season finale of The O.C.

But it wasn't shocking to everyone — the day prior, Mischa Barton had told Access Hollywood, "It's true, it's true. My character dies."


2. Even if you're not a boomer, you probably know that one of Sylvester Stallone's most iconic roles was Rocky Balboa in the Rocky films.

Stallone as Rocky

Well, before he was set to reprise his role in the 2015 film Creed, Stallone spoiled that his character would have cancer in the upcoming film.

Stallone as Rocky but older

3. One of the biggest movie twists of all time is Darth Vader revealing he's Luke's father in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

David Prowse, who played Vader (well, he wore the suit — James Earl Jones provided the voice), actually revealed this twist to a newspaper two years before the film.

Prowse holding up a photo of him in costume

4. One of Hugh Jackman's most famous roles is Logan/Wolverine in the X-Men films.

Shirtless Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men: Days of Future Past

However, the character died at the end of his film Logan. Jackman essentially spoiled this early on by saying that Logan would be his last film as Wolverine, but he cemented it with a quote to Entertainment Weekly: “The idea that, in the end, he must give his life to save someone else… I thought that was really powerful.”

Hugh in Logan

5. Patrick Stewart also somewhat spoiled his own character's death by saying that Logan would be Professor X's last appearance as well.

Professor X in Logan

6. Tom Holland is infamous for giving away Marvel spoilers — so much so that the Russo brothers stopped giving him the whole script to films he was appearing in — but perhaps his biggest gaffe was when he ran onstage and shouted, "I'm alive!" to an audience that was about to watch Infinity War, thinking they had just finished it.

Tom shouting "i'm alive," then asking if the crowd had seen the movie yet

7. He also spoiled the quantum realm's involvement in the MCU in an interview with Benedict Cumberbatch, though Cumberbatch stopped him from saying more.

Tom saying Benedict has the most difficult lines since he has to talk about quantum realm stuff as Benedict interrupts and says "just stuff"

8. Oh, and he spoiled the title of Spider-Man 2...

Tom Holland holding up an ipad that says "spider-man: far from home)

9. ...and the fact that there would be a third film...

Holland saying "Yeah, there'll be Spider-Man 2 and 3"

10. ...AND the fact that Peter would be going to space in Infinity War.

Tom says he heard about fake scripts and assumed the script he was reading where spider-man went to space was fake but it was real

11. ...and also the fact that Jamie Foxx will be reprising his role as Electro in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

12. Mark Ruffalo has also been pretty bad with Marvel spoilers. He pretty infamously accidentally streamed the beginning of Thor: Ragnarok when he forgot to end a livestream he was doing before the screening.

Mark saying bye, then later realizing he's still streaming

13. He also spoiled the ending of Infinity War on Good Morning America, though fans couldn't tell if he was joking at the time.

Mark says "Ha..." then "Everybody dies" as Don Cheadle says "Dude!"

14. In a final MCU spoiler, after Spanish voice actor Rodri Martin was cast as Pietro's Spanish language voice dub for WandaVision, he spoiled the news that Evan Peters was going to play Quicksilver in the series weeks before the reveal occurred onscreen.

Evan Peters as Pietro in WandaVision

15. Actor Rory McCann gave a pretty memorable performance as the Hound on Game of Thrones — a role that seemed to come to an end when his character appeared to die in Season 4.

the hound

The Hound ended up being resurrected by Brother Ray — but not before Ray's actor, Ian McShane, revealed to fans that this would happen.


16. This may not seem like a huge spoiler, but to Game of Thrones fans, any tidbit an actor revealed would send them into a theorizing frenzy — especially concerning the Night King.

Well, the actor who played him, Vladimir Furdik, revealed ahead of Season 8 that the Night King was after someone in particular, and that he and Jon Snow would meet again in a scene very similar to the one above.

17. And in perhaps the smallest Game of Thrones spoiler of all, poor Wilf Scolding, who played Rhaegar Targaryen, inadvertently revealed he would be appearing in another Game of Thrones episode simply by revealing on social media that he was in the same general location the show was known to film in.

Rhaegar’s in town?! More flashbacks! #GameOfThrones

Twitter: @a_red_priestess

He then deleted the Instagram post.

18. While fans obviously expected Wagner Moura's character Pablo Escobar to die in the series Narcos, they didn't know it would happen in Season 2. The actor spoiled this in an interview ahead of its release.

Moura as Escobar on a swing

19. While perhaps not a spoiler to anyone who had seen the original trilogy that Mace Windu would be dying in Star Wars: Episode III, Samuel Jackson did surprise some fans by revealing pretty point-blank in an interview, before he was even done shooting, that his character died in the film, calling it "an awesome death."

Jackson as Mace

20. Jackson also gave a small spoiler for Captain Marvel by revealing we'd learn how his character Nick Fury lost one of his eyes.

Jackson as young Fury

21. Fans were devastated when Hopper — played by David Harbour — appeared to die at the end of Season 3 of Stranger Things.

However, many fans speculated that he'd somehow survived, as the end of the episode featured a mention of an American in a Russian prison. And Harbour, who is apparently infamous for revealing spoilers among the Stranger Things cast, seemed to spoil the answer when he appeared on Saturday Night Live.

Harbour on SNL

In his opening monologue, SNL cast member Pete Davidson asks if Harbour's character is dead on Stranger Things. While Harbour avoids the question, he first answers no.

Pete Davidson asking Harbour on SNL if his character is dead and Harbour saying "no" then stumbling over his words/avoiding the question

Also — though this was after Netflix released a teaser that confirmed Hopper was alive — Harbour livestreamed in costume and joked that he would reveal more Season 4 spoilers, confirming to anyone who hadn't seen the teaser that Hopper lived.

David Harbour on instagram

22. Fans were thrilled to hear that Jason Momoa was cast as Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe.

Momoa as Aquaman

However, more than a year prior to the release of Aquaman, and a month before Justice League, Momoa revealed a pretty major spoiler by saying that his version of Aquaman wouldn't really become Aquaman/the king of the seven seas until the end of Aquaman.

Momoa smiling on the red carpet

23. Momoa also revealed spoilers for the Snyder cut of Justice League by tweeting out a photo from that version that suggested Steppenwolf didn't survive that version.

24. Glee extra Nicole Crowther was fired after revealing who would be prom queen and king in the show — even though she was only reporting a rumor and hadn't actually worked on the episode in question.

25. Daryl finally killing Beta on The Walking Dead was a huge moment in the Season 10 finale — but actor Norman Reedus (who plays Daryl) spoiled the moment for some fans.

Reedus posted photos of the scene only a day after the episode aired, leading to anger from many fans who hadn't had the time to watch yet in the era of streaming.


26. Everyone fell in love with Milo Ventimiglia's portrayal of Jack in This Is Us, even though we knew pretty much from the start that he was going to die.

Milo as Jack

In the episodes leading up to the moment, many fans began to hypothesize how it would happen — which led to them scrutinizing a small spoiler Ventimiglia shared when he posted an Instagram story that revealed a page of an upcoming script.

milo holding a script

While it revealed nothing about Jack's death, it did provide minor spoilers about Jack and Kate arguing, which fans theorized might occur up until Jack's death in order to cause peak drama.

27. In another Star Wars spoiler, Jiang Wen, who played Baze Malbus in Rogue One, revealed that the character Chirrut Imwe (played by Donnie Yen) was going to die in the upcoming film.

Imwe in Rogue One

28. Mads Mikkelsen also revealed he was going to be playing Jyn's father in the film.

Mads in the film

29. And finally, in one last Marvel spoiler, actor Elizabeth Debicki revealed that her character Ayesha would start out helping the Guardians but later turn into their enemy in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Ayesha in the film

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