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Turkey’s most powerful earthquake since 1939, deepfake porn’s legal gray area, and the J.Lo and Baffleck marriage obsession.

Alexa Lee 2 hours ago

Alex Murdaugh Was Days Away From “Unraveling” Because Of A Boat Crash Lawsuit, But The Killings Of His Wife And Son Changed Everything

Murdaugh suffered a huge defeat at his murder trial when the judge ruled that jurors should hear evidence about his alleged financial crimes that prosecutors say drove him to kill. That includes testimony about the fallout from a boat crash involving his son.


Parents Are Sharing Their Most Honest And Heartbreaking Regrets, And Even Though I'm Not A Parent, I've Learned A Lot

"I regret having my daughter at 24 when I hadn’t even discovered who I was yet. I realized I married a horrible narcissist and had to raise her alone. I couldn't give her the kind of childhood she deserved on my own. She's 28 now and has kids, but she blames me for everything and has shut me out of her life completely. She won’t allow me to know my grandchildren at all and assured me she never will."

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