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Drew Afualo said, "Polynesian people in mainstream media [are] like The Rock, Dinah Jane, Jason Momoa, and that's it, It's just the three of them, and like, if it's not sports, we're not really talked about"

27 Celebs Who Spoke Out About AAPI Representation In Hollywood

Constance Wu said, " Crazy Rich Asians was on a bigger scale. People used to say, 'Oh, well, she can't carry a show. She can't carry a movie.' But that's why it was hard for Asian Americans — they couldn't carry a show or movie because nobody had ever let them."

Jennifer Lopez making an expressive face and pouting while seated during an interview

7 Grocery Shopping Mistakes That Cause You To Overspend

Though you can’t do anything about inflation, you can slash your grocery spending by making a few changes to the way you shop — while still enjoying your favorite meals and not going hungry.

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