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Spencer Pratt says, "I never apologized to Lauren...I was talking to a producer and they stitched the audio of our calls — separate calls — together"

14 Former Reality Show Stars Revealed How Producers Allegedly Manipulated Them And Their Storylines

Kristin Cavallari alleged that a The Hills producer "bribed the [other] girls to call [her] out on camera for doing drugs, with a purse." She also claimed that "he would create these storylines on the show that were [fake] but then he would go and feed to the tabloids."

Kristen Harris 3 hours ago
Run DMC all wearing Adidas in front of the Empire State Building.

Are You More Nike, Puma, Or Adidas?

Some of y'all flip flop real fast to stay with trends, and some of you have been loyal from the start! 👟

Four individuals in an open-top vehicle parked in front of a modern house

16 People Who Said Something So Out Of Touch That People Had No Idea How To Respond To Them

"At an old job, I had a breakdown because I had not been paid in six weeks and literally was unable to eat. I was walking to work because I could not afford gas. My boss found me crying and told me I was being 'petty' for wanting my money and asked me, 'Why don’t you just live off of your savings?'"

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