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21 Shocking, Surprising, And Downright Unforgettable Things I Learned This Week

If you've ever heard that the fast food chain Wendy's is named after founder Dave Thomas' daughter, then you'd be right. But you also might be shocked to find that his daughter's name isn't even Wendy! Thomas' daughter's actual name is Melinda Lou Thomas. Her siblings allegedly had a difficult time pronouncing her name, so they called her "Wenda" instead, thus leading to the name "Wendy" for the restaurant.

Madison McGee 12 hours ago
text: she made $0.75 an hour as a woman in 1951 the minimum age she says there was no reason she could not have supported herself on that $0.75 an hour

People Are Losing It Over This Reddit User's Story About How Easy Life Was For Their Boomer Grandparents Back In The Day, And I Don't Ever Want To Hear Someone Complain About "Lazy" Millennials Ever Again

"When Boomers try to tell you life was hard during their lives, they're not telling the truth. The minimum wage almost always supported a decent living, as intended, while they were up-and-coming."

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