"Challengers" Is The Buzziest Movie Of 2024 So Far, And Zendaya's Press Tour Fashions Definitely Got My Attention

    From sporty mini dresses to Wimbledon-white ensembles, Zendaya and her stylist, Law Roach, are a match made in tennis heaven.

    Zendaya, the mother of "method dressing," is here again, serving us with a whole slew of tennis-themed ensembles for her Challengers press tour, where she not only acts in the film but produces as well.

    Mike Faist, Zendaya, and Josh O'Connor at a "Challengers" premiere

    For this press tour, Zendaya and her image architect of 13 years, Law Roach, have teamed up to create a slate of looks that embody Zendaya's character, Tashi, and the overall vibe of the film.

    "I think we are constantly trying to be inspired by the film — whether that be literally. Like this morning, I had tennis balls in my shoes — or more just the essence of the character or a concept or idea. So I keep wearing my 'tennis whites,'" she said during an interview with Vogue

    In a separate Vogue interview, Zendaya also said she purposely dyed her hair blonde for this tour, so it "felt like a different press tour; a little reset."

    Zendaya in a chic sleeveless dress with a high neckline

    So, since Zendaya has been making a racket — in a good way — with every single Challengers press look, we thought it would be important to round up all of her fashion outfits so far.

    1. First up: this custom glittery green gown by Loewe at the Australian premiere.

    Zendaya posing in a green, sparkly dress with a deep neckline and high leg slit at an event

    The back of the dress is a complete score.

    Closeup of Zendaya

    Need a closeup of the makeup, too.

    Closeup of Zendaya

    2. Next, a sparkly custom pleated tennis dress by Loewe at a photocall at the Hotel Hassler in Rome.

    Zendaya at a "Challengers" premiere

    Closeup of the makeup and the Bulgari earrings.

    Zendaya in a glitzy sleeveless V-neck dress at an event

    Zendaya's footwear is literally killing the competition with these custom Loewe heels, which feature tennis balls with the Loewe logo pierced through each heel.

    Closeup of Zendaya's shoes

    3. A pinstripe vest and mini skirt set by Vivienne Westwood at the photocall at Claridge's Hotel in London.

    Zendaya on the red carpet

    Gotta get a closeup of the bangs, makeup, and feather bustle.

    Closeup of Zendaya

    4. A custom white sequin drop-waisted pleated halter dress by Thom Browne at the London premiere.

    Zendaya in a stylish white gown with a high slit and a train, standing on the red carpet

    Zendaya donned Bulgari earrings with a bold, red lip.

    Zendaya in a white sleeveless top with a bow in her hair, at an event

    5. A custom structured single-breasted jacket and matching full-length skirt by Calvin Klein at the Rome premiere.

    Zendaya in elegant white tuxedo dress with a deep neckline and high slit posing on a backdrop

    The snake-like necklace — which is called the Serpenti Viper necklace — could evoke a character trait of Tashi.

    Zendaya in a sharp white blazer, with a sparkling necklace, posing for the camera

    6. A custom white, strapless drop-waist gown by Louis Vuitton at the Paris premiere.

    Zendaya in a white strapless gown at the 'Challengers' premiere

    Bulgari diamonds to complement her Wimbledon-white dress.

    Zendaya in a white strapless top with a sleek hairstyle at an event

    7. A tennis-green satin set by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton at a photocall at Hotel de Crillon in Paris.

    Closeup of Zendaya

    This sunkissed makeup is an ace.

    Zendaya with a shoulder-length hairstyle, wearing a satin blouse, posing for a photo

    8. A checkered minidress with tennis-green and white hues by Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs at a photocall at the Maison de l'Amerique Latine in Paris.

    Closeup of Zendaya

    The overall style gives "'60s mod" with an all-white headband and side bangs.

    Zendaya wearing a checkered dress with a collar, styled with a simple headband

    9. A custom white mini dress by 16Arlington on the Italian TV Show Che Tempo Che Fa in Milan.

    Closeup of Zendaya

    This is the look she gave to the camera when the TV host asked: "Does Spider-Man give you gardenias?" Her response: "I hope he's watching."

    Zendaya in an off-shoulder dress, Mike Faist in a black suit, and a man with a microphone on a stage

    10. A halterneck minidress by Ralph Lauren at the photocall in Milan.

    Closeup of Zendaya

    Like the Italians say: Molto buona!

    Zendaya in a chic, sleeveless white top with collar, looking confident

    11. A cable-knit sweater and a maxi skirt by Brunello Cucinelli at a photocall at the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters tournament in Monaco.

    Closeup of Zendaya

    Hi, Mr. Hairstylist, I would like the "Hot-Honey" blonde, please, and thank you.

    Closeup of Zendaya

    12. A custom all-white tennis ensemble by On Running in Monaco.

    13. A custom lingerie-inspired corset gown by Vera Wang at the Los Angeles premiere.

    Zendaya wearing a lingerie dress at the challengers premiere

    The makeup? Soft, glowy, and pink to match her gorgeous soft pink gown.

    Zendaya wearing a lingerie dress at the challengers premiere

    14. After the red carpet, Zendaya went from serving in lace to serving back in tenniscore with this custom plunging bright green dress by Celia Kritharioti.

    Closeup of Zendaya

    15. A double-breasted blazer dress with a mismatched tie and pocket square by Ralph Lauren at the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show.

    Zendaya in a chic double-breasted suit with a polka dot accent walks beside a man in a smart black ensemble

    16. A chartreuse silk shirt dress by Louis Vuitton at the Crescent Theater.

    Zendaya in a bright yellow suit sits on a panel, looking to the side, with a slight smile

    17. A custom pink cutout polo dress by Jacquemus in Los Angeles, California.

    zendaya in a chic pink crop top and matching midi skirt with a front zipper, standing confidently with hands on hips

    The Brigitte Bardot-like hair is perfectly paired with a matching bow headband.

    Zendaya in a unique cut-out dress with a bow-tie waist and a stylish headband

    18. A custom T-shirt by Challengers costume designer Jonathan Anderson with wide-leg pants and a brown trench coat.

    Woman in a trench coat over a 'I TOLD YA' shirt with trousers, exiting a building

    19. A custom floral-patterned dress by Erdem outside of the Good Morning America studio in New York City.

    Woman in floral dress with green sash at event; behind her, spectators and a blue backdrop

    Can we give a round of applause for the back? The green brushstrokes were handpainted.

    Zendaya in a floral dress with a bow and white heels, surrounded by photographers and fans for challengers

    20. A tennis green vintage two-piece suit by Thierry Mugler outside of the Live With Kelly and Mark studio in New York City.

    Zendaya in a chic lime blazer dress and matching heels, walking with others on a city street

    21. This custom white halter blouse with wide-leg pants by Christian Siriano on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

    Zendaya in elegant sleeveless gown with a slight train, walking on a talk show set

    Love the small tennis yellow hue detail.

    zendaya in elegant white dress with shoulder detail, seated, smiling during an interview

    22. Another Wimbledon-white ensemble with high-slit, wide-leg pants and matching sneakers in New York City.

    Celebrity in a white sleeveless gown with a high slit, interacting with fans behind a barrier

    The Bulgari jewelry with a tight pulled-back pony are a perfect match.

    Zendaya in a chic sleeveless V-neck top and pleated trousers, with hair tied back, escorted by security

    23. A hooded long white dress by ALAÏA in New York City.

    Zendaya in elegant white fitted dress with a V-neckline walking, being approached by fans

    24. A striped quarter-zip top in black with a striped pleated mini skirt by Longchamp in New York City.

    zendaya in a pleated skirt and jacket smiles holding a beverage, flanked by men in suits, in a candid street setting

    25. A sport tech piqué chevron polo and side-stripe skirt by Tory Sport in New York City.

    26. A hand-dyed vintage 1930s vintage dress ordered from Sweet Disorder Vintage at the BAFTA New York Screening of Challengers.

    Four celebrities posing; one in a green pleated dress and three in casual attire

    27. A custom Challengers long-sleeve mini dress by Celia Kritharioti.

    Oh, and you thought we were done? Zendaya Did. Not. Rest. when it came to the Challengers press interviews, either. Here are some of her other looks.

    28. Let's start with this casual Elisabetta Franchi set that involved striped boxer shorts and a matching button-down she wore in Australia.

    Mike Faist, Zendaya, and Josh O'Connor in an interview

    29. Or this amazing K-Way green long-sleeve number that makes her look like a tennis star.

    Closeup of Zendaya

    30. And let's not forget this cozy yellow Loro Piana sweater set she wore in London.

    Mike Faist, Zendaya, and Josh O'Connor in an interview

    31. Oh, this Casablanca fall '23 black and white mini dress was a complete showstopper, too.

    Mike Faist, Zendaya, and Josh O'Connor in an interview

    32. There's also this Alexander McQueen two-piece look from the fall 2024 collection.

    Person in a textured yellow outfit with a crop top and pants, standing on a stage with lit-up background

    Do you have a favorite outfit from the Challengers press tour? Tell us in the comments below.

    This story will be updated with new looks.