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27 Useful Products Around $100 Our Readers Actually Swear By

Splurges — most under $100 — worth the money.

Natalie Brown 1 hour ago

31 Of The Scariest Movies From This Decade

You'll probably want to sleep with the lights on after watching these.

17 Of The Funniest British Tweets Of The Week

" Fleabag is just Miranda but for people who got a 2:1 in their degree"

Hanifah Rahman 1 hour ago
Rebecca O'Connell 40 minutes ago
Natalie Brown 1 hour ago
Asia McLain 9 hours ago
Ehis Osifo 12 hours ago

19 Real-Life Events So Messed Up, They Made Horror Movies About Them

Sometimes the only thing scarier than the horror genre is the news.

Allie Hayes 10 hours ago
Terry Carter 9 hours ago

19 People Share Their Weirdest Sexual Experiences, And Honestly I May Never Recover

"Then she pulled out a cat hand puppet and finished me with it."

Asia McLain 10 hours ago

Video Shows How A Football Coach Quickly Disarmed A Student With A Shotgun, Then Hugged Him

Coach Keanon Lowe grabbed the shotgun from the 18-year-old student, then hugged and held on to him as a teacher took the firearm away.


Hey YOU! Got Opinions? Yeah, We Thought So.

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18 Women Told Us The One Thing They Wish They'd Known About Sex Sooner

"Ladies, this is important: sex isn't supposed to be rubbish for you."

Nora Dominick 11 hours ago

7 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

15 Husbands We Should Maybe Be A Little Worried About

I have some serious questions for these husbands.

The G7 Summit Trump Awarded To His Own Resort Now Will Go Somewhere Else

Donald Trump tweeted the change late Saturday night.

Matt Berman 9 hours ago

We Want To See Your Best Tattoos

It's time to show off!


16 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up YA Book Culture

Young 👏adult 👏 books 👏 are 👏 valid!

44 Inexpensive Things You'll Probably Want To Wear All Fall

Because we deserve to have our pumpkin pie and eat it, too.

Emma McAnaw 9 hours ago
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