27 Hilariously Sarcastic People Who Know How To Insult Folks In The Worst Way Possible

    You better keep your head down online when these people are around.

    1. This diss of a woman simply trying to change up her style is A) so out of left field, and B) so on point:

    Had the audacity to deviate from my usual black clothing and wear a grey knitted tunic and just got asked how the Crusades went. pic.twitter.com/276VEDCo47

    — Erm Dea (@Em_E_Dee) February 21, 2024
    Twitter: @Em_E_Dee

    2. This insult of Kid Rock is so specific and real that it'd have him lying awake at night if he ever saw it:

    Image summarizing a social media post with text stating support for '45' by Kid Rock and Jason Aldean, alongside user reactions

    3. And here's another grade-A takedown of Kid Rock just for the hell of it:

    Text: "Chad Baker comments on Kid Rock's music appealing to dads who can see their kids only on weekends but don't."

    4. This swipe at Glen Powell, strangely enough, could be adapted into a pretty good children's book:

    comment says, someone described glen powell to me as looking like a capybara who had their wish to be turned into a human man granted by a forest witch

    Here's a capybara for reference, LOL — hey, at least Glen is a handsome capybara turned human!

    Close-up of a capybara with a slender face

    5. This commenter absolutely destroyed this loaf of bread...like, if the bread were sentient it'd need to take a long walk to think about its life:

    a toddler with a skateboard could get more air than that

    6. And this hilarious dig at Penn State could singlehandedly tank the school's future enrollment:

    person talking about Penn state and a commenter says, that's not nice my friend goes to penn state and if he could read, he'd be very upset

    7. This comment guarantees I'll never be able to see Green Day's "When I Come Around" video the same way again:

    commenter from the video says, they look like they belong in an episode of malcom in the middle

    8. Ditto for this comment on Ram Jam's "Black Betty" video:

    the lead singer looks like if mountain dew was a person

    9. And there's only one word that comes to mind after reading this response...OOF:

    Comment on social media: "Your mom had to close her eyes and think about other babies during breastfeeding" with reactions

    10. This devastating takedown via text, I'm 99% sure, finished this conversation on the spot:

    i need you to find the nearest scrabble set and eat all the letters, next take a laxative and when you've shat them out inbox me what they say because that will make more sense than you

    11. This person only needed five words to epically roast Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Maxx Morando (or at least their hairstyles) at the Grammys:

    did they get electrocuted together

    12. And this reply coined a new insult that reached through the computer and slapped the OP:

    person calling the extrovert an asstrovert

    13. This hilariously petty comeback is kind of like the online version of "I know you are but what am I?":

    person 1: wow what a disappointment to humanity you are, person 2: this is a comment section, not a mirror

    14. This diss of Tucker Carlson would have him crying into his bowtie if he saw it:

    tucker always has that look on his face like someone ran over his dog, the world is constantly scary and confusing for him

    15. And this knock on 1997-era Bob Odenkirk would probably get a laugh out of Bob (and his sideburns):

    he looks like god's first draft of chris evans

    16. This diss immediately puts an image in your mind of a kid you went to school with:

    he was the kind in school that held the pencil with his whole fist to write

    17. This reply to a dumb post is efficiently brutal:

    i didn't think it was possible for someone's brain to decompose completely naturally while they're alive but here you are proving me wrong

    18. And this insult is just funny in an old school sorta way:

    your dad smokes menthol cigs so he doesn't have to brush his teeth

    19. This comment hilariously speaks for ANYONE who looks at this meal:

    what'd you bake the chicken with, a warm hug

    20. This comment makes you think sounds about right:

    the ones offended by the sign are the type of parents who have kids that smell like hot dog water

    21. And even AI is getting in on making digs at people:

    Text conversation where "You" ask for the formula of a circle's area and ChatGPT humorously asks if they attend classes

    22. The ribbing from this dad and grandma proves no one can roast you like family:

    Screenshot of two social media posts discussing personal coming out experiences

    23. This takedown of Libertarians will probably cost them a few votes in November:

    24. And this YouTube comment is just...chef's kiss:

    The image shows a wedding cake with a controversial flag design, accompanied by a sarcastic comment on the couple's relationship

    25. This diss of Timothée Chalamet is so random but still so funny:

    Text meme comparing Timothée Chalamet to a medieval shoe, humorous intent

    26. This reply is 1000% right:

    person says they want to work in the office so they can know all the gossip and the second commenter saying, you're the exact reason the rest of us wanna stay home

    27. And this Chevrolet dealership's response to this Ford dealership's billboard deserves a slow clap:

    Behind every good ford is a chevy, and the second billboard: because you won't move out of the fast lane

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