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Becky Barnicoat • 10 hours ago

"I'm walking through the Christmas section at Target. I feel like I'm cheating on you."

Asia McLain • 48 minutes ago

You heard that right — we said two hundred!!!

Mike Spohr • 12 hours ago

"Funny, mine usually takes my breath away when I use it."

"My doctor said I couldn't have a vaginal delivery because I am 'too fluffy on the inside.'"

I'd say this post is just for parents, but at this point we've all been affected.

Being a parent is so easy until you become one.

WhatsApp is your lifeline in the early days.

"Please don't stay longer than two hours. Unless you're here to clean."


Break out the baby name book.

"Hey honey, I thought you'd like to know I'm not feeling so homicidal today."

These kids are definitely going places.

"I didn't know I'd leak so much milk that my bedsheets would smell like Kraft Mac & Cheese."

"My mom thought 'trap house' was another term for Escape Room."

"Still don't understand how people my age have children. I am children."

"Harry Potter is on and my dad thinks Voldemort's name is Baltimore."

"A girl at summer camp asked me, 'Why does a Black man drop you off and a white lady pick you up?'"

"No, I'm not ready for Christmas, Susan."

But their hearts were in the right place...I think.

"I had the urge to drive away from my family and never turn back. And it was terrifying."

These dads are in rare form.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get toddler-punched in the crotch.

Sometimes you just gotta "call in pregnant."

Enjo is a cheery, cheesy chatbot built on the questionable science of “positive psychology.” So why did I get something out of it?

Taking kidding to the next level.

"Her life is falling apart. She doesn't feel like she's a good wife or mother."

The Ohio dad shared the punishment in a viral Facebook video.

It's almost like having kids makes you ten times funnier.


Sweet babies, salty babies, or no babies?

Let's face it — moms ruled 2018.

Some kids are just born weird.

Squeeze. Release. Smile. Repeat.

"I picked up a chocolate bar and my 3-year-old daughter mooed at me."

"My 4-year-old talks a lot of smack for someone wearing Crocs on the wrong feet."

You DO NOT want to know what this kid did with Dixie Cups.

"I worked at a vet's office when I had my baby, and whenever a puppy cried, I'd let down."

Sometimes you have to tweet to keep from crying.

"My son literally has to carry a picture of me with him everywhere because no one believes I'm his mother."

Your dad could never.

Somehow they all survived.

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