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    17 Parents Who Are So Hysterically Smart, They Should Be Paid For It

    Hopefully, this hilarious geniusness runs in the family!

    1. This dad who came up with a way to make an egg sandwich that almost certainly no one else ever has:

    2. This dad, who discovered you can make tea and warm up a bottle at the same time:

    3. This mom, who makes her own rules about what constitutes a family celebration:

    A dog sitting in a dress with a birthday cake in front of it

    4. This dad, whose clever dad joke truly topped them all:

    5. This dad, who gave his kid a taste of his own hilarious medicine:

    6. This mom, who found a genius use for an old prop from cosmetology school:

    7. This dad — and their kid — who came up with a genius stair idea:

    8. This dad, who came up with a seriously funny phrase to print:

    9. And these moms who found a genius way of communicating with each other when one of them can't find their phone:

    10. This dad, who got pretty cheeky with his kid:

    11. This father-in-law, who labeled his plants in a totally funny way:

    12. This mom, who discovered that plugging your outlet cover directly onto the cord keeps you from forgetting where you put it:

    13. This dad, who made his wife pick up the takeout under this hysterical name:

    14. This mom, who discovered that putting mustard on her back and letting her kid play in it soothes her sunburned back while also keeping her kid occupied:

    15. This dad, who took a play on words to the next level:

    16. This mom, who straight-up decided to use her party cooler as a way to keep cool while outside in the heat with her kids:

    17. And finally, this dad, who referenced inflation with his son's graduation gift, and if that ain't so hilariously "right now," I don't know what is: