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    15 Parents Whose Days Went So Hysterically Wrong They Found Themselves Begging For A Redo

    These parents’ bad days might just make you feel a little better about yours. 😬

    1. This parent, whose kid figured out how to change the face of their parent's watch from their phone and promptly did this:

    a teen singer as the background

    2. This parent, who opened up a box of Hot Pockets for their kid, only to find a totally empty package:

    empty wrapper

    3. This dad, who went to the fridge to find that his kid had gone to town with the magnet letters:

    4. This mom, who turned her back for a split second and her kid got into the diaper cream:

    5. This parent, whose son dropped his phone in the toilet, then opened up a brand new bag of risotto to dry it:

    phone in the bag of risotto

    6. This mom, who ordered her kids a cheese pizza, and it arrived curiously light on the cheese:

    pizza with only the sauce

    7. This mom, whose kids accidentally threw their football over into the neighbor's yard, and then found it returned into their yard the next day looking like this:

    football cut open

    8. This parent, whose son put a golf ball into the bathtub drain:

    golf ball clogging the tub

    9. This parent, who got home to find that their kid's chicken nugget box was just full of diced onions instead:

    box opened to diced onions

    10. And this parent, who was so tired they couldn't find the remote...until they did:

    remote in the fridge

    11. This parent, whose toddler took literally one bite out of each strawberry in the container, then put them all back:

    strawberries with one bite

    12. This parent, whose daughter leaves her toy cube like this, just to irritate her parents:

    cube with one wrong color tile on each side

    13. This parent, whose daughter accidentally dropped the Chick-fil-A bag, and this happened:

    soup all over the car seat

    14. This parent, whose kid requested uncrustables, and still found it necessary to take the "crust" off:

    spiral of bread on the counter

    15. And this parent, who went to the store for a birthday candle for their kid's third birthday, and found this:

    the number 3 missing

    Hang in there, parents! You're doing great!