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    14 Parents Whose Kids Made Them Laugh So Hard On Halloween They Thought They Busted Something

    Halloween shouldn't be this funny for parents.

    1. This parent, whose daughter got to wear a Halloween costume to gymnastics practice, and chose this:

    A kid dressed as a chicken

    2. This parent, whose 18-year-old showed off some hilarious pumpkin carving skills:

    3. This parent, whose kid was given some hilarious loot while trick or treating:

    4. This parent, who wasn't thinking when they put a Halloween onesie on their toddler, and almost gave themselves a heart attack when they looked at the monitor at 2am:

    5. This parent, who let their kids put up the Halloween decorations, and found this skeleton looking like it's pooping in the plant:

    A skeleton on a plant

    6. This parent, whose 6-year-old picked out these masks and props to scare their mom when she gets home from work, and did not go easy on her:

    A father and son in costume

    7. This parent, whose 8-year-old put up these hilariously cryptic Halloween "decorations":

    A paper listing "The words of death"

    8. This parent, who got hysterically clever when their kid said they wanted to be a Transformer for Halloween:

    A kid dressed as a transformer

    9. This parent, whose kid thought it would be hilarious to carve a butt into their pumpkin:

    A butt carved into a pumpkin

    10. This parent, whose kid found a better use for the Halloween wine holder at the cookout:

    A skeleton stuffing a bun in its mouth

    11. This parent, whose son works at a tire shop, and he carved this hilariously cheeky pumpkin:

    An exclamation carved into a pumpkin

    12. This parent, who left their son alone with the Halloween decorations, and he did this:

    A fireplace with skeleton decorations

    13. This aunt or uncle, who found their niece's hilariously adorable spell book:

    "The force field spell""

    14. And finally, this parent, who poked fun at their 18-year-old kid by carving them "the scariest pumpkin of them all":

    A pumpkin that says, "you're an adult"