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    19 Seriously Funny Parents Who Have Failed Before No Doubt, But Never, Ever Like This

    They were NOT expecting their days to go like this.

    1. This mom, who tried to get her kid a really thoughtful 30th birthday gift, but didn't think it all the way through:

    2. This dad, whose son almost got him in some seriously hot water:

    3. This mom, who tried to make her kid a birthday cake, but it didn't turn out quite as she planned:

    4. This dad, who didn't catch this tragic unicorn float accident until after their 4-year-old did:

    5. This mom, whose autocorrect betrayed her when texting with her kid:

    6. This mom, who was so tired she put the Elf on the Shelf up like this:

    7. This mom, who was going for a Darth Vader-inspired Father's Day cake, and then realized that the cake message read more like a paternity test result:

    8. This mom, who heated up the new iron and forgot to take the plastic off first:

    9. This parent, who discovered that their daughter is way too good at price haggling:

    10. And this mom, who wasn't looking when her kid asked to "color," and didn't realize until it was too late that they meant using Mom's adult coloring book:

    A little girl holding an adult coloring book with the words, "Bitch please"

    11. This mom, who mixed up the detangler and sunscreen, and as a result, accidentally sprayed sunscreen all over her kid's hair:

    12. This parent, who didn't get quite what they ordered for their son's first birthday:

    Ruth Black / Alamy Stock Photo

    13. This dad, who didn't have such good luck on the grill:

    14. This mom, who didn't realize that she wrote a hysterically embarrassing to-do list item until it was too late:

    15. This mom, who didn't mean for her toy packing strategy to be hella creepy:

    16. This parent, who didn't realize they shouldn't have taught their kids how to use a heat sealer until it was too late:

    17. This mom, who found out the hard way that she was using a ravioli cutter, not an ice cube tray:

    18. This mom, who thought her Netflix strategy would work, but:

    19. And lastly, this mom, whose "Carplay" read this spam text aloud while her kids were in the car, and that story will live on for a long, long time: