People Are Revealing What They Think Screams "Trashy Parent," And I Need To Know If You Find Them Sensible Or Overdramatic

    "Parents who act like providing bare necessities is some kind of favor or debt to be repaid."

    Even if you don't have a child, chances are you probably think you know what makes a "good" or "bad" parent.

    A father and son

    Reddit user u/odeus120 asked, "What screams trashy parents?" And people had A LOT of thoughts. Here's what they had to say:

    1. "Mothers who see their son's girlfriends as competition."


    2. "Many years ago when I worked at Walmart, parents would routinely 'drop off' their kids in the toy department and then just walk through the store or, worse, go across the street to eat out or shop. So it wasn't unusual to see numerous unsupervised kids just wrecking the toy and sporting goods department. I once fussed at a manager to do something about a pair of kids who had put together a bunch of pool noodles and were running down aisle after aisle, just clearing the shelves and knocking shit to the floor. The manager pulled the kids aside; the parents showed up and yelled at the kids. The manager came to me and went, 'Well, I hope you feel better. You made me ruin that kid's night.'"


    3. "Cussing out the officials at a Little League game. Telling your child to punch another player they tripped over."

    4. "When their kids could literally set the world on fire and they'll blame anyone else to avoid responsibility."


    5. "Parents who use their kids to get likes on TikTok."


    6. "When the kids are sick and contagious, but the parent(s) want a night out and don't tell their childcare provider their kids are sick."

    A mother checking a child's temperature

    7. "Parents who act like providing bare necessities is some kind of favor or debt to be repaid."


    8. "Posting videos of your child having a meltdown while you mock them."


    "My dad used to do this to me. He’d record me and laugh. I'm married to my first boyfriend and really happy with two girls. My dad cries to my mom because he can’t see them. There’s no way in this world that I would expose my daughters to someone as hateful as him."


    9. "Letting siblings pick on each other or goading one into hurting the other someway. I’ll never forget the time I was at a moderately crowded small park. A little 3- to 5-year-old was following me around as I played with my little one. I saw his family around so I didn’t engage with him too much. I figured they would be over soon. But as I was standing there, I heard the kid just bust out crying. Like, soul crying. I quickly turn around and see the kid, pants’d, with what I assume was an older sister standing behind him and laughing. The kid was easily 13? 14? I look over at the family, sitting about 10 feet away, and they are all just laughing uproariously. Mom was almost falling off the bench."

    An empty swing

    10. "This one’s more subtle but even if the kids seem relatively okay in appearance, their pets are neglected. As in, someone’s feeding the dog but no one’s bothered to train it, chip it, or do anything other than yank on its collar and scream when it misbehaves. Not only are those parents probably doing the absolute bare minimum shy of looking trashy for their kids but they’re also not bothering to teach them about caretaking, responsibility, or having empathy for living things that belong to them."


    11. "Coming from retail, barefoot children. Even the most questionable moms would put socks on their kids' feet but the ones who would argue with staff or get physical over perceived offenses would have a kiddo with bare feet."


    12. "Letting your teenager smoke cigarettes. Growing up, I had a few friends with parents like that and I thought they were awesome at the time. As I got older, I realized that they were massive pieces of shit."

    a hand holding a lit cigarette

    13. "Talking to others about your humiliating moments."


    14. "As a teacher, anytime the parent blocks the school’s number. What if your kid is dying? What if there’s truly an emergency?"


    15. "Social media influencers whose entire content is their children. People who publicly punish their kids online. Parents who give out way too many details about their children, giving them lack of privacy. Child exploitation at its finest."


    16. "Having a favorite child."


    17. "Parents who let their kids kick the ever-living shit out of the seat in front, pretend not to see anything, and then get angry at you for asking them to stop their kid."


    18. "Swearing at their young children in public. I've witnessed this a few times but the one that stands out in my mind is a mother calling her son a 'motherfucker' for not listening to her. The kid couldn't have been more than 5. If she didn't know better in public, what's this kid got to endure in private?"


    19. "Kids wearing onesies with adult jokes / sexual implications."

    A baby wearing a onesie

    20. "Parents who prank their kids for internet clout."


    21. "Parents who, when they come to pick up their kids from playdates, let them take any toy that they want from the other kids. My parents were friendly with a couple who had three kids close to my and my twin sisters' age, so they would visit us sometimes to let us play. I never really liked them and one of the reasons why was because they would leave with like a bag full of our toys just because the kids asked us to give them our toys and my mother thought it would be rude not to. And like, I have no problem with giving some of my stuff as a gift but this happened literally every time they came to our house. They would leave with a bag full of Barbies / My Little Ponies, etc. and the parents NEVER said anything to their kids or brought something in return. I don't know, I find it incredibly cheap and a sign of bad parenting, and I'm still angry about it."


    22. "Putting fizzy drinks in a bottle always feels very grim. They have two teeth and you’re already trying to ruin them."


    23. "I'm gonna piss some people off with this one but here it goes: People who post tons of pictures of their young kids on social media. The kids are obviously too young to be able to give any kind of consent to have their images circulated so it's really just about the parents wanting attention (or in some cases ad revenue) and using their kids as a tool to get it. Wait until your kids are old enough to make their own choices and give them a blank slate on which to create their own digital identity."


    24. "Parents who kick their kids out at 18 because 'it's time they move out.' The kid then flounders for the next decade or so."


    25. "Having worked at an elementary school, telling their kids shit that goes against good mannerisms. Example: Not throwing away trash because my dad said that’s what janitors are for or threatening a teacher because my mom said we can sue you. It makes being a teacher hell."


    What do you think is an indication that someone is a "trashy parent"? Let me know in the comments!