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    "How Are The Kids Doing?" — This Dad Sends Picture Updates To His Girlfriend That Are Scary At First, Then Funny Once You Look A Little Closer

    "When Mom is way too worried and you know how to photoshop..."

    A man named Kenny Deuss is making people everywhere do a double take after seeing the eye-popping pictures he shares of his kids on Instagram:

    I think you can understand why it's caught the attention of so many people:

    If it wasn't already obvious, Kenny has ~creatively~ photoshopped all of the pics.

    BuzzFeed spoke to Kenny, who said the photoshopped images started as a joke after his girlfriend kept asking for pic updates when he was home alone with their first daughter, Alix.

    "When she first saw the photos, it was a combination of confusion and being in shock. Luckily, she quickly realized it was a joke. But of course, she had to check if the picture was safely made. And yes, it was," he said.

    And after Kenny shared a few online...

    ...he realized the internet really got a kick out of them.

    Posts saying "This is so wrong!" and "Omg!!!!!"

    So he continued making and sharing them until his second daughter, Aster, was born.

    Whereupon she was then incorporated too. 😂

    Kenny learned how to use photoshop when he was 15, and over the last few years, he said, he's gotten really good. "I've learned most by playing around with the application, but I had to relearn some techniques, which took me a long time."

    Kenny added, "Photoshopping is not always easy. I always try to make it a fun experience for the kids; otherwise, they aren't always cooperative. But most of the time, they see the fun in it and they start posing like naturals."

    The ideas for most of the photos come from daily life situations, according to Kenny. "And then it's just a matter of looking around to find some nice locations for the shoots."

    Kenny's favorite photoshop that he's made is the one where Alix is stuck in a vending machine.

    Since Kenny also works full time, making the photoshopped images is just a fun (and hilarious) hobby he's been doing when he's alone with the kids on his day off.

    That being said, Kenny has released his first book! "It contains a selection of my best pictures, but also a lot of new ones." It's called Adventures With Dad: Being a Dad Is Child's Play, and you can order it internationally on Amazon.

    Kenny said he posts new photos every Tuesday to his Instagram page, and he also shares content on TikTok.

    So if you need a little comic relief every week, be sure to follow his Instagram and TikTok pages!