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Es ist hart, wenn Du zwischen Kehl, Offenburg, Rust, Ettenheim und Lahr leben musst. #placetobw

Die Elbe ist hier einfach nicht mehr die selbe.

Nichts reimt sich auf Schwerin.

Have a very happy birthday (or happy ANY day, tbh).

Going through a home renovation is actually the worst. Time to take matters into your own hands.

The billboard is designed to "expose how the anti-LGBT movement is selective" in what it defines as "traditional," according to the group that put it up.

A diverse cast of non-models takes the challenge of posing in high-fashion ads for the first time.

Cat people are weird and wonderful and you need one in your life.

But I'm not lazy.

Spoiler: Mario makes for a great Walter White.

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and beautiful pictures from the past week.

Friendship goals.

The vice president and the talk show host have a startlingly frank discussion about loss, faith, and redemption in the wake of the recent death of Biden's son, Beau. WARNING: You're probably going to cry.

"The soul of any kind of creative art form is freedom."


These two really had the best wedding ever.

Sex. The reason was sex.

The ASPCA works with the NYPD to rescue animals who are in need and ultimately place them in loving forever homes.

Quick and vital.

Hell hath literally Frozen over.

A well-deserved tribute.

Midwest makeup whisperer Rebecca Swift transforms herself into her favorite characters, actors, singers, and props with the amazing power of makeup.

Ready for a challenge?

You'll be glad you did.


"Can I get your number?"

It me! It me!

They'll getcha everytime.

Emily Musson's photos of her parents have been retweeted over 30,000 times.

Lyst has commissioned an illustrator to imagine what the cast of Fresh Prince would look like in 2015.

Accio cocktails.

This makes more sense than it should.

"A steak pun is a rare medium well done."

And you thought finding the perfect lipstick shade was difficult...

Get ready to be blown away.

Good luck unseeing these.

That moment when the coffee ain't the hottest thing anymore.

Warning: Excessive nudity. Because,'s Burning Man.

Prepare your ovaries.

So won't the real Hufflepuffs please stand up?

Hide your kids, hide your wife.

Wearing a crop top as a plus-size person is against the rules of fashion, so I wanted to see what would happen if I smashed that rule to pieces.

Hey there Grandmother Willow!

Welcome to Batshit Insania.

"Who is the fairest one of all? #me #myself #beautiful #followme"

"I know that I struggle sometimes with showing my emotions...and because of that I vow to try and express how I feel to you in the most creative and ludicrous ways."

They got wasted and (with the help of their talented friends) created a hilarious video for their wedding guests.

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